French Tanners: know-how and innovation

This July, Première Vision puts craftmanship and creative innovation at the heart of the season, with a new exhibition format showcasing leather know-how. Join us in the Leather Trend area, in the Inspiration Forum in Hall 5, to discover a selection of emblematic leathers from the French tanners, representing the ultimate in French tanning expertise. These hides will be presented in their natural versions and in versions re-envisioned by Les Teintures de France, featuring unique, creative and innovative developments.

A season embracing extremes and excellence

Leather area PV Paris

Today, standing out from the crowd means going to extremes, seeking exceptional creative expression, striving for excellent quality, and prioritizing an exacting approach to sustainability.

This Autumn-Winter 25-26, the fashion industry is seeking a balance between opposing extremes, inviting both reflection and a call to action.  The season welcomes choices and opposing views, creating ways for extremes to coexist.

Leather is a unique material that requires constant research to balance a respect for its inherent qualities with new, creative proposals. This season, a minimalist excellence paves the way for designs that are both powerful and self-evident, with a feel, visual appeal and technical qualities that reflect a virtuoso mastery of craftsmanship.

Today’s tanners combine powerful creativity with sustainable innovation and the preserving of their know-how, to continue to bring out the beauty of this unique material, with its unrivalled intrinsic qualities and inherent sustainability.

French leather in the spotlight at the next PV Paris show

Once again this season, Première Vision shines a spotlight on the know-how of French tanners, with a project born from an alliance joining the expertise of French Tanners and Teintures de France, specialists in creative embellishment.

Leathers emblematic of French tanners’ know-how will be showcased in two ways, echoing the season’s “Extremes” theme, with a focus on the intrinsic nobility of the material and creative extravagance. These experimental and exclusive developments, which celebrate the expressiveness of leather and innovation, will be displayed:

  • in their original versions: iconic leathers that celebrate the excellence, nobility and natural expressivity of the material.
  • in a version reimagined by Les Teintures de France, showcasing unique, creative and innovative developments.
French tanners PV Paris

Some of the emblematic leathers in their original version

Tanneur Français Arnal
Tanneur Français Rial
Tanneur Français Ictyos

Participating in the project:

French Tanners

Logo Tanneurs Français

French tanners and tawers produce exceptional leathers, tanned according to a tradition of excellence. Each craftsman is endowed with their own unique know-how, drawn from their regional roots, and a creativity ability to enhance the original qualities and intrinsic performance of each leather.

The industry’s inherent circularity is coupled with a deep commitment to meeting the world’s most demanding standards of traceability and safety. This lends international prestige to this high value-added French industry.

French tanners are recognized under the Living Heritage Companies label.

Visit the French tanners’ area in the leather sector of Hall 5

Arnal SAS / Alran SAS / Raynaud Jeune / Tanneries Roux / Ictyos / Cuirs du futur / Tannerie Rémy Carriat / Mégisserie de la Molière / SAS André Hiriar / SN Rial 1957

Les Teintures de France

Les Teintures de France has been collaborating with fashion houses for 30 years. Marked by a spirit of innovative curiosity and a concern for sustainability, the company, which specializes in dyeing and finishing, has evolved into a  versatile and inventive laboratory.

The company is now orienting towards tailor-made creative projects, giving fashion houses access to varied know-how and cutting-edge techniques: eco-responsible textile dyes, reimagined finishes (hand patinas, ozone washes…) and new digital technologies (laser, embroidery, 3D printing…). Les Teintures de France is an active partner in the creative process, thanks to its broad range of production methods, from the most traditional to the most ground-breaking.

Their approach respects both materials and the environment.

Teintures de France
©Les Teintures de France
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