Innovation and Education: FashionArt’s Sustainable Future

The challenges of the modern fashion industry demand boldness and vision. FashionArt S.p.A has decided to raise the stakes by focusing on the internalization of a substantial portion of its production processes. Cutting, sewing, quality control, and even ironing will all be in-house. To make room for this ambitious growth, the headquarters will be expanded through the acquisition and renovation of a facility next to the HQ in Limena (PD).

In this ambitious project, sustainability is at the heart of every decision. FashionArt is going to undertake a series of improvements to enhance energy efficiency and prepare the spaces for its operational needs. Structural adjustments will enable the installation of a second sewing line, an ironing and quality control department, a cutting area, new offices dedicated to pattern-making, and spaces exclusively for training.

A more in-depth analysis of the two-year plan comprises:

Fashion Art HQ
  • Acquisition of two ateliers to bolster production capacity.
  • Engineering centre and a laundry for prototyping, resulting from a valuable collaboration with the company Jeanologia, and one of the Leader laundries.
  • Sewing department for in-house production, with the adoption of semi-automatic and automatic machines connected with the CAD system, in line with Industry 4.0.
  • Ironing department to expand capacity and thus reach 50% saturation of the production capacity.
  • Quality control department, investing in dedicated measuring tables to achieve 50% saturation of the production capacity.
  • Adoption of the RFID system, both at FashionArt and across the whole supply chain, to optimize the management of fabrics and accessories. The expanded headquarters will provide FashionArt with the chance to create an innovative honeycomb shelving system for storing raw materials and accessories, which are necessary for the company’s production needs. Not only is the RFID system used for tracking garments throughout the entire production process, it also allows to update the management system data, enabling real-time monitoring of work progress.
  • Cotton cultivation in Italy and purchase of GOTS-certified cotton from the European area, thus enabling traceability in the value chain of our production processes. We aim to enhance our consolidated ability to produce customized fabrics for our clients, including shuttle-woven and Jacquard fabrics.
Fashion Art Denim creation
FashionArt Denim velvet
  • Adoption of Circularity processes for pre- and post-consumer discarded textiles, reusing scraps from textile production processes, unused and obsolete materials, as well as discontinued research products and unusable semi-finished products. We are developing new recycled yarns to create certified GRI fabrics, as well as service products, such as the paper we will use for all their commercial needs.
  • Classes and laboratories dedicated to our in-house Academy, which will play a key role in training new talents for the textile industry, focussing especially on luxury tailoring. The educational program, designed for tailoring enthusiasts, offers comprehensive training, combining theory, hands-on workshops, and mentoring by industry professionals.

An extensive in-house production capacity, supported by offices dedicated to design and creation, will be made available to our clients. Additionally, we will keep working with highly qualified and carefully selected partners, as we deem trust and long-term collaboration to be essential attributes.

FashionArt S.p.A is shaping its future, embracing innovation, sustainability, and quality, while remaining true to its craftsmanship heritage, aiming to become the reference point for Luxury Denim design and production.

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