A first look at the SS 25 trends in New York

New venue, new days: the next edition of the Première Vision New York will be back on Wednesday, January 17 & Thursday, January 18 at Tribeca 360°. The first Première Vision event of the year will feature a selection of international exhibitors unveiling their Spring-Summer 25 collections. What have our fashion experts prepared for the show? Here they share their insights into the key trends of SS 25.

Decoding the season’s trends on PV NY’s next show

This first event of the year will set the tone for Spring-Summer 25 through its major currents and color trends. Decodings of the season’s theme and color range will be available through explanatory texts displayed throughout the venue. A Color Wall and screens will be dedicated to the range, highlighting the singularity of each hue and the harmonies between them. The Première Vision color range will also be offered for sale exclusively, two weeks before its official launch at the Première Vision Paris show in February.

3D index at PVNY

In addition to these elements, Céline Khawam, Consultant in Fashion and Textile Studies for Première Vision, will host a series of seminars over the two days of the show. She will analyse the trends for Spring-Summer 25 and the major sustainability issues facing the fashion industry.

You’ll also find the 3D index, an installation organized in alphabetical order, where each exhibitor can give a foretaste of their season’s developments through a selection of samples.

Last but not least, Première Vision New York will be part of the ‘a better way’ program for the first time. Developed by PV, this program aims at highlighting the efforts of PV exhibitors in terms of sustainability, and at helping visitors build ever more environmentally conscious collections.

Spring-Summer 25: mutations and bold colors for a changing world

One of the major themes this season will be the challenges facing our society, whether they be environmental, social, scientific or technological. They are prompting us to renew our habits, our operating models, as well as our creative and industrial processes. That is why mutation is the overarching theme of Spring-Summer 25 and runs throughout the collections.

Mutations act as a springboard for change and demonstrate the ability of natural, cultural and industrial ecosystems to renew themselves in the face of a changing global environment. The living world and its transformation processes invite us to take a fresh look at the connections between humankind and nature, and to reconsider how we balance past and present. This regenerative impulse calls for innovation, sustainability and agility, and encourages adaptation in the face of change.

The energy transition has also become central to industries and companies and constitutes another inevitable step towards the emergence of new models.

Mutations SS25
©Ella Bats for Whatevr Fanzine

As far as colors are concerned, the Spring-Summer 2025 collection takes a bold approach that highlights evolving shades and regenerates classic hues. In line with our seasonal theme, the range recounts the mutation of shades transformed by a luminous intensity.

Highlighting the main differences between the American and European markets

Fabric stand at PVNY
Discovering new trends on PVNY
Exhibitor at PVNY

There is growing concern about sustainability among both the American and European consumers. However, specific fashion trends and color preferences tend to vary between the USA and Europe, due to cultural influences and local designers. In addition, size and fit may also differ slightly between the two markets, due to the average morphological differences between Americans and Europeans.

The American market also has a number of distinctive features. In the United States, basic textile purchases remain strong, with a differentiation that leaves plenty of room for accessories. Capsule collections are increasingly present and are a way of testing new things. Emerging brands are also beginning to redefine a new fashion style that can explain some of the variations with the major trends on the European market.

‘a better way’, the sustainable program deployed for the first time at Première Vision New York

The fashion industry is actively working to reduce its environmental impact, by integrating innovation, circularity, traceability, and sustainability into its manufacturing processes. Industry professionals are committed to implementing concrete solutions in order to create a more ethical and respectful fashion industry.

Sustainability has become a major factor in the selection of fabrics and materials in the textile industry. An increasing number of companies and consumers are recognizing the importance of reducing the environmental impact of production. This includes considerations such as the responsible use of resources, pollution control and sustainable waste management.

To provide more clarity and transparency, Première Vision has launched ‘a better way’, a program decoding the exhibitors’ sustainable initiatives. With the aim of facilitating communication and strengthening the relationship between buyers and exhibitors, the program is based on five key criteria: social initiatives, impact of production sites, traceability, sustainability, and product  composition and end-of-life. This program presented during the Première Vision Paris show in July 2023 will be deployed at the Première Vision NY show for the first time in January 2024.

A Better Way programme
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