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Fashion & Beauty, A cross of Influences for Summer 2025

Forecasting specialist NellyRodi is an expert strategic consulting agency for the creative industries. Recently certified B Corp™, the agency identifies insights set to drive tomorrow’s social and aesthetic trends. It partners with the world’s leading brands to define and implement their business and creative strategies.

Summer 2025 Beauty : in a word, rebellious!

In its BeautyLab Spring-Summer 2025, which presents the seasonal influences that cut across all creative industries, NellyRodi breaks down several trends revolving around the idea of rebellion. In its best sense! Rebelling is about refusing to give in to polarizing opinions, divided populations, and the tyranny of snap judgements, to bring dialogue and understanding back to an often chaotic world.

Orange Alert!

Photo by Cécile Rosenstrauch @ NellyRodi

Powerfully emanating from a sun-scorched earth or a neon sign flickering in the night, orange imparts the energy underpinning rebellion in all its guises. It’s inexhaustible, and can be used to infinite effect: lacquered, metallic, powdery, sandy… on fabrics and make-up textures.

4 expressions of rebellion

This season, rebellion is reflected in four aesthetic currents:


When rebellion means advocating for peace and cultural tolerance, everything is luxury, tranquility, and bliss. Tapping into both past and present, fashion and cosmetics find a richness by forging new links between time-periods and cultures. Colors meet consumers’ quest for a kinder, gentler world, and adopt a delicate subtlety, in softened shades of pink and coral. Color palettes and textures evoke natural materials with refined hues.

Photo by Mélanie Rey @ NellyRodi


Steering a path between 90s nostalgia and an acidic vision of the future, a quirky aesthetic mixed in with digitally plugged-in beauty is taking shape. In line with the edgiest Korean fashion brands, new beauty palettes are emerging crossing tart brights with bleached-out neons and light-infused pastels. The babydoll trend continues in cringe-worthy versions, inspiring make-up developments with powdery effects, foamy textures and milky shades.

Photo by Aude Vincent @ NellyRodi


Buoyed by a wave of bright, positive energy, cosmetics and fashion alike celebrate diversity with pride and panache. In the bleak context, tropical, vibrant hues make their presence felt, stylishly embracing a bold, graphic aesthetic. Looks adopt glossy textures and effects, with a glittery shine calling up all the fizz of a festive, frolicking carnival.

Photo by Cécile Rosenstrauch @ NellyRodi


In a constantly evolving environment, individuals and cosmetics alike are adapting. Navigating between refinement and rawness, make-up looks are striking a new balance, where roughened textures and earthy reds and browns fashion random aesthetic effects. A new form of socially-aware beauty is emerging, moving away from mainstream standards. Make way for a celebration of other cultures.

Photo by Grégoire Alexandre @ NellyRodi

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