The Fairly Made® solution, the trusted third party between brands and suppliers

The fashion industry is transforming, with traceability and transparency increasingly at the heart of its concerns. In this context, knowing and engaging the suppliers involved in production is becoming a necessity. Reliable suppliers play an indispensable role in ensuring the transmission of information between all stakeholders.

With this in mind, Fairly Made® aims to enhance the commitment of factories and promote transparent collaboration.

Solution Fairly Made

Until now, the green-tech scale-up has been meeting the needs of brands with its SaaS solution for traceability, impact measurement and communication. Today, it is broadening its scope to address suppliers’ requirements. Dedicated specifically to factories already integrated into its platform, this solution, currently under development, makes it easy to retrieve previously entered information, thus saving precious time. What’s more, suppliers can share key information publicly via a factory profile. Simple, intuitive forms facilitate the data entry process, for faster completion.

Manteco is one of 8,000 Fairly Made® partner suppliers. The Italian textile specialist shares its experience with the platform, emphasizing the visibility it has brought to its sustainable practices:

“At Manteco, we are delighted to collaborate with Fairly Made® as we have the opportunity to present, on a single platform, the transparency and traceability of our supply chain.”

Manteco also emphasizes the effectiveness of the forms in meeting its transparency goals: “We have worked in collaboration with Fairly Made® to facilitate data insertion. We are convinced that the key to reliable traceability lies in the way we insert information into the tool“. The Italian company can now take advantage of the solution to streamline communication between stakeholders and reinforce its commitment to transparency in the industry.

Fairly Made platform

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