Eco-conscious embroidery with Madeira Green

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The core of the linear economy that the world has been following over recent decades is turning natural resources into products that become waste after use, polluting our natural environment.

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In contrast, the circular economy targets zero waste and transforms the economy into a regenerative system by keeping resources, products and materials in use for longer. To improve the productivity of resources, waste materials become new input, either as a component for another industrial process or product or as a regenerative resource for nature, such as compost. The aim is to build an autonomous and sustainable society in tune with the issue of environmental resources.

Being aware that a sustainable economy is more important than ever, as resources are finite and very valuable, Madeira supports the idea of a circular economy with our Madeira Green product range.

Embroidery threads with botanical origin

Our sustainable embroidery threads Sensa Green and Sensa Green Bobbin are very soft and persuasive with their unique silky matte look and are made from 100% Lyocell.

These fibres are extracted from responsibly grown wood using a unique closed-loop system that recovers and reuses the solvents used in production, minimising the environmental impact. The fibres are then spun into yarn and dyed, creating a first-of-its-kind colored lyocell machine embroidery yarn.

Sensa Green Lyocell Madeira

Recycled materials for eco-conscious embroidery supplies

Polyneon Green Recycled Embroidery Thread by Madeira

Polyneon Green and Polyneon Green Bobbin embroidery threads, as well as our E-ZEE Green Cut embroidery backing, are made of 100 % recycled polyester derived from post-consumer PET bottles. Our recycled products help save resources without sacrificing quality.

Polyneon Green and Polyneon Green Bobbin offer the same premium quality as our conventional Polyneon threads. The extra-durable, resistant yarn keeps its beautiful shine even under harsh conditions.

E-ZEE Green Cut doesn’t slip on the embroidery frame and provides excellent stabilisation in all directions. Our sustainable backing option is a great choice for the environmentally conscious embroiderer.

Visit for more information about our eco-conscious embroidery supplies. Let’s go circular – with Madeira Green!

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