Discover Première Vision Shenzhen AW24-25 in September

Première Vision Shenzhen AW24-25, a creative and sustainable materials event for key fashion decision-makers, will be held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on September 20-22, 2023. This season it will bring together more than 60 PV-vetted leading European and Asian material companies from six main sectors, including Yarns, Fabrics, Leather, Accessories, Designs, and Manufacturing. Innovative sustainable materials and solutions are available on-site to help shape the future of fashion.

New Area, More Accelerators

This season, PV Shenzhen positions itself as the core focus of the exhibition, with creativity and sustainability, and walks side by side with key decision-makers in Chinese fashion. Under the focus concept, PV Shenzhen specifically sets up 2 new areas.

PV Shenzhen – China Handicraft Edition

This region showcases the brilliant Chinese intangible cultural heritage crafts on textiles, providing the best choice for brands to create fine, high-premium luxury series. It will specifically invite top-tier Chinese and Asian fashion brands with a research and development orientation to the event, helping Chinese fashion brands advance in quality to become truly luxurious brand series.

PV Shenzhen Smart Creation

An area entirely dedicated to innovation, eco-design and technological solutions that shape (or will shape) the future of fashion. It focuses on solutions that support the responsible transformation of the creative fashion industry, including content on Smart Material, Smart Technology, and certification services.

Among them, Smart Materials will gather innovative materials, new eco-design fibers, dyeing processes, or chemical solutions that can reduce impacts. The Smart Tech section, along with technology companies providing cutting-edge and reliable solutions for the digital transformation of fashion, will provide solutions for a series of specific issues, including digital design, material digitization, supply chain traceability, optimizing production efficiency, and detecting environmental impacts.

PVSZ AW24-25 inspired by the trend of the SOLAR VISION

This season, PVSZ scene vision will follow the PV Paris show with the theme concept ‘solar vision’ which comes from AW24-25 PV Trends to create creative and a sustainable inspiration hub.

# PV Shenzhen Trend Area

Première Vision AW24-25 trend will make its debut in the Chinese market, with different kinds of  demonstrations on site to inspire you to create a new collection.

Presentation of the AW 24-25 color range.

• Diffusion of the season’s film.

Benefit from Matterport virtual tour technology to 3D experience PV Paris The Inspiration Forum and The Leather Forum.

• 1 screen connected to the PV Marketplace

• PV Shenzhen selected products.

# PV Shenzhen Sustainable Focus Area

Sustainability must be at the heart of all future fashion collections. PV Shenzhen aims to help the fashion industry to get eco-friendly awareness and achieve reliable sourcing.

• Focus on 4 sustainability criteria for material sourcing: Durability, Sustainable Production, Social issues, Traceability.

• Explore the intersection of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with China’s 3060 plan and the textile fashion specialty.

Showing PV Shenzhen excellent and visionary sustainable products. PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Pioneer Awards will be selected from here.

• Presentation PV new programme “a better way”.

• Complete PV product life-cycle demonstration takes you to explore every link’s sustainable measures.

• Showing PV Shenzhen AW24-25 Creative Sustainable Collaboration.

# PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Talks

This season, PV Shenzhen Sustainable Fashion Talks, with the theme “Where Light Reaches”, will reveal the emergence of Chinese sustainable fashion under the global sustainable development trend and common goals. To explore the brewing of sustainable forward-looking forces in various fields such as consumption cognition, material technology, business models, and policy supervision.

Besides, PV Shenzhen VIP Club will offer a space for private and focused communications where members may have candid conversations on an equal footing, share access to high-quality resources, and find untapped business opportunities.

Discover these areas and activities to inspire your new collections on Première Vision Shenzhen!

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