Desolina Suter, PV’s Fashion Director breaks down PV New York fashion information tools

The next Première Vision New York show will be back January 17 & 18 at Center415 with 130 high-quality exhibitors coming from more than 19 countries presenting their latest Spring-Summer 24 collections.

Desolina Suter – Fashion Director, Première Vision

The first Première Vision event of the year is also the first one to highlight the new season’s fashion information, prepared by our expert fashion team.

In order to give you an overview of what to expect during those 2 days in the American fashion capital, we met with Première Vision’s Fashion Director, Desolina Suter, to ask her about Spring-Summer 24

How will fashion information be deployed during Première Vision New York in January?

Desolina Suter: At Première Vision New York, fashion information will be presented in several ways: an introductory text on the season’s major trends, the new Première Vision color range, an eco-responsible manifesto for Spring-Summer 24 and a fashion seminar dedicated to color and the season in general.

What will be the major trends for Spring-Summer 24 presented in New York?

Desolina Suter: The Spring-Summer 24 season cultivates the complementarities between pragmatism and utopia. The two approaches live in parallel, combining the rationality of productions with the need to offer plural compositions. Projections towards a viable and desirable future are based on expert know-how and a redefinition of our modes of production with an inevitable sobriety. A need is emerging: to allow ourselves to perceive alternative visions of reality. Dreams and the imagination are real drivers of innovation, creation and development.

Furthermore, the SS 24 color range encourages us to discover a plurality of responses, balanced between realism and dream. Its force of attraction is amplified by luminosity. This new radiance gives off a stimulating energy and increases the power of influence of color tenfold.

Are there any noticeable differences between the product developments most sought after by American vs. European buyers?

Desolina Suter: Yes, the American market has many specificities. Firstly, American customers have a greater appetite for fantasy, prints and logos.There is also an omnipresence of a casual and sportswear style, which Americans easily wear in the city, unlike Europeans.

Is the sustainability aspect now a major criteria when selecting the professionals who will exhibit at the show in January?

Desolina Suter: Yes, because Première Vision supports the fashion industry in its eco-responsible transition through sourcing by promoting sustainable, qualitative, well thought-out, innovative and virtuous products from the collections of yarns, fabrics, leathers and accessories of the show’s exhibitors. The keys to a more responsible sourcing are traceability, social criteria and the environmental impact on the entire value chain. To be concretized according to the uses and specificities of the collections, for creative, sustainable and personalized solutions with your partners present at Première Vision New York. Solutions nourished by creative diversity, by a plurality of actions, driven by a demand for transparency, for a more economical, more sensible fashion that is both attractive and conscious. Low impact and strong identity, welcome to Spring-Summer 24.

Want to join us January 17 & 18 to discover the latest fashion information decoding the Spring-Summer 24 season?

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