Denim PV workshop: Upcycling with Therapy Berlin

Denim Première Vision is back on 31 May and 1 June at the Arena Berlin for two days of business meetings dedicated to denim. And to celebrate the community’s reunion, the PV team is offering a whole programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and activities to punctuate your days at the show, starting with a creative upcycling workshop with Therapy Berlin.

Let’s rethink the clothes we own!

Following the Motto “The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe” by Orsola de Castro, Therapy Recycle and Exorcise brings to Denim Première Vision 3 workshops that will give us simple and applicable tools with the garments we already have in our closet.

In this first approach to upcycling, you will realize that nothing is too difficult. The only thing you need is to have a critical and at the same time creative look at the clothes you own.

Workshop #1: Radical disruption. Let’s rethink the clothes we own.

Wednesday 31 May – 11am to 1pm

We need to see ourselves not as mere passive consumers, but as owners and actors, with the power to make decisions and change the rules.

With different types of clothing like the ones everyone can find in their wardrobes (skirts, t-shirts, hoodies, pants, a purse, a backpack) we will rethink the different possible uses and intervene or modify the selected piece, changing its function and/or meaning and overall look to suit current needs or tastes.

This will be an exercise of critical analysis and disruptive modification of the garment to encourage a critical look and a new, more active relationship with the garments we already own. The workshop consists of:

  • Find all possible ways to wear the item beyond the original function, without sewing
  • Analyzing the results
  • Rework the items with sewing and upcycling techniques

Workshop #2: Create bags from t-shirts (with and without sewing)

Wednesday 31 May – 3pm to 4.30pm

We will create tote bags from old t-shirts, with two options: one for those who want to learn to use the sewing machine and one for those who prefer not to sew.

Workshop #3: This used to be a men’s shirt

Thursday 1 June – 11am to 1.30pm

One last workshop to check the infinite possibilities of upcycling a men’s shirt. Option to sew or non-sew.

About Therapy Berlin

Therapy Berlin is a research on identity and self-expression through the creative reuse of materials in fashion. THERAPY was born in Berlin in 2012 and was founded by two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean and united by the same passion: Angie and Poli Aguirre, based respectively in Berlin, Germany and Cordoba, Argentina.

“We are an immigrant-female run fashion upcycling project. We work at two locations sourcing materials locally and producing only upcycled clothing and accessories. Our raw material is 90% second hand, vintage or discarded. We produce unique items and small series beyond trends and genders.”

Find out more on Therapy Berlin →

Don’t miss out on the latest denim trends and meet the best denim specialists from around the world on May 31 and June 1 at the Arena Berlin!

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