Chargeurs PCC launches ZeroWater Rainbow collection of sustainable knitted interlinings made in France

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Created with a Proprietary Waterless Dyeing Process, Collection Offers Nearly Invisible Structure for Use Under the Lightest and Sheerest Fabrics. Innovation Made in France.

Chargeurs PCC, the world’s largest apparel interlinings manufacturer, announced the launch of the ZeroWater Rainbow Collection of sustainable knitted interlinings. This made in France collection of ultralight inner components is available in 15 colors, in addition to white, natural and off-white, all dyed through a proprietary waterless process that minimizes environmental impact.

The ZeroWater Rainbow Collection offers the lightest interlinings for couturiers and luxury brands that use the most luxurious and lightweight fabrics to create garments. Delicate and sheer items require silky, soft interlinings that provide flexible structure, durability and adhesion while remaining nearly invisible, so as not to detract from the color of the outer fabric. The collection is available in a wide range of sustainable colors to ensure designers’ creations drape perfectly and wear well, with no perceptible difference in the color of materials used to construct different layers of garments.

“We’ve leveraged our expertise to create a revolutionary dyeing process that uses absolutely no water as part of our commitment to sustainability through innovation. The Zero-Water Rainbow Collection of sustainable interlinings offer the flexibility and improved adhesion the world’s top couturiers demand in a wide range of colors to match nearly any fabric.”

– Gianluca Tanzi, CEO of Chargeurs Textile

The traditional dyeing process is one of the most water-intensive and polluting parts of fashion production. According to the UN, the fashion industry produces 20% of all wastewater and textile dyeing is the second-largest source of water pollution globally. Most of this wastewater is returned untreated to the environment, where chemicals from dyes can harm human, animal and plant life.

To address this issue, Chargeurs PCC designed and engineered a proprietary waterless dyeing process that involves dyeing the adhesive material used in interlinings rather than the fabric itself.

The Zero-Water Rainbow Collection is available in very small order quantities with fast delivery, eliminating overproduction and the need for fashion brands to purchase material than they actually need just to meet minimum order requirements.

The ZeroWater Rainbow Collection is manufactured at Chargeurs’ century-old, fully integrated Lainière de Picardie factory outside Paris, under the supervision of the company’s textile and chemical experts.

To have more information about this new exciting made in France innovation, come visit our booth A19 and meet our experts in Made in France Premiere Vision show. We will be delighted to welcome you from 29th  to 30th march 2023 at Carreau du Temple, Paris.


Chargeurs PCC provides end-to-end solutions for the world’s leading fashion apparel brands by designing and manufacturing interlining, a technical fabric used to help garments retain their shape and structure. Its parent company, Chargeurs, is based in France and employs more than 2,500 people across five continents to serve its clients in more than 90 countries.





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