“BlueTailoring” exhibition: Stefano Chiassai x Denim Première Vision

On May 31 & June 1, the next Denim PV show in Berlin will be hosting a new exhibition called “BlueTailoring” highlighting the work of fashion designer Stefano Chiassai, who will also be participating in an exclusive denim talk on the first day of the show.

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The BlueTailoring project

BlueTailoring is the creative work of international fashion designer Stefano Chiassai: the story of an ideal collection. A collection that will never be for sale, and can only be viewed in the book “BlueTailoring” or exclusively at TheCube Archive.

With this project, Chiassai searches the landscape of menswear for new potentials of the iconic blue fabric denim, taking it into the realm of tailoring. Denim thus becomes the object of cross-pollination, mixed with other materials and elaborated with unusual techniques, craftsmanship and new technologies.

In collaboration with more than thirty Italian companies – an assortment of the most vibrant and creative ‘Made in Italy’ businesses – Chiassai expresses his personal interpretation of denim.

A collection of more than 150 pieces between garments, accessories and objects, that all have one thing in common: a very new specific interpretation of denim.

Thanks to the collaboration with Berto Industries, their denim has become the “canvas” for experimenting many different techniques that takes the classical blue jeans out of its common application, giving it a new, fresh and exciting light.

Chiassai tests the malleability of the fabric by taking it into the domain of male tailoring.

Denim is a complex fabric: the product of labor, expertise and skill, knowledge and commitment. Chiassai once again highlights denim’s ambiguity, its ability to consolidate into the imaginary, to become loaded with references only to overturn our preconceptions and rediscover its new potential.

All the cornerstones of tailoring are explored with the blend of heterogeneous, refined materials: fur, knitwear, organzas, and fabrics borrowed from the tradition of luxe cloth.

By combining craftsmanship and technology, Chiassai channels elements that are often understood as discordant instruments in the creative process, in a constant dichotomy.

Chiassai’s denim is deconstructed and reassembled. Blended. Recycled and reworked into its primary nature. Lightened to make it more supple. Laser printed jacquard effects and washed to elevate it. Its shape changes; not a single, archetypal five-pockets is present in BlueTailoring…

Don’t miss out on the latest denim trends and meet the best denim specialists from around the world on May 31 and June 1 at the Arena Berlin!

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