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How AI Actually Builds Human Relationships?

Your supply chain is only as good as the people in it.  Great relationships mean great results.  But maintaining relationships across many locations in complex global sourcing and production networks is not easy.  In a world where legislative mandates around sustainability and transparency are ever-evolving, maintaining good relationships is critical to the development and delivery of raw materials and products.

According to Pivot88 CEO and Co-Founder Stephane Boivin, digital monitoring and digital dialogue with those who make up your manufacturing and distribution networks are the most effective way of maintaining relationships at scale.

“When I launched a sourcing office for one of the Toyota Group companies in China, I found transparency to our supply chain very challenging,” Boivin explains. “Monitoring manufacturing quality and sourcing in remote locations, specifically in Asia, was very difficult.  There were no digital tools then, so in 2009 I decided to create Pivot88.”

“Pivot88’s solutions are easy to use, combining technology with deep insight into business needs,” explains Sven Matzen, Pivot88 Account Management. Matzen joined Pivot88 after a 30 year career managing raw material innovation and supply chain activities at Under Armour and Polartec.  “Efficiently managing the materials flow within a segmented supply chain requires tools that not only provide visibility into quality, sustainability and social compliance, but also allow communication between all partners,” Matzen says.

The technology platform operates in 11 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, and Turkish.

“Effective analysis of the resulting data can be overwhelming, but it needn’t be,” explains Isabelle Pilon, Pivot88 COO and Co-Founder. 

“Artificial Intelligence allows us to quickly assess vast amounts of data immediately, providing insights that tell us when there are risks, and also when it’s time to reward.  Our technology is continuously evolving.” 

 “Conversations with your production partners is essential to understand that they are delivering quality goods on time from sustainable resources,” explains Jo Anne Benson, Pivot88 Senior Director Product Solutions. Before joining Pivot88, Benson led the effective implementation of the platform at The Gap and Under Armour.  “Pivot88’s AI technology & collaboration tools de-risk your supply chain providing actionable insights on resilience and transparency.”

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