AW 25-26 Denim Decoding

For the Autumn-Winter 25-26 season, denim explores new horizons. Elaborate fabrics recall artisanal weaves, distressed effects and washes feature warm, earthy colors, and oversized volumes evoke sculptural drapes.

Artisanal Weaves

The denim vocabulary continues to expand season after season, moving away from the cloth’s utilitarian origins to transcend the notion of a basic everyday essential.
For Autumn-Winter 25-26, denim interweaves multiple historical and traditional influences. The resulting effect: hybrid products combining creative allure and couture-style finishes.

This cultural melting pot takes on many expressions.
Plays of yarns are used to create a surprise effect, including on jacquards, with a blurry aspect that confers an unexpected richness on denim fabrics. Different yarns are also combined to create textures with seductive rough edges.
Other universes extend their influence on the season’s fabrics, with hybrid products combining denim with bouclette or tweed effects. Patterns lifted from traditional cloths such as checks and tartans take center stage in resolutely sophisticated fabrics.
The worn look also inspires innovative creative developments, with jacquards and finishes, including coatings and prints, cleverly mimicking a distressed look. A compelling, albeit luxurious, alternative to the mechanical aging of materials.

Distressed Effects

Distressed denim embraces color for the Autumn-Winter 25-26 season.
Garment washes come in a bevy of shades that inject newness for washes, with a range of rich, warm and dusty hues: browns, reds, burgundies, purples and lilacs imbued with a mysterious, bewitching sensuality.
Colors are faded and bleached, as if eroded over time, conceived to produce less intense and more environmentally friendly colors for washes.
The season’s distressed theme also carries over to a range of other product categories, such as gabardines, knitwear and casualwear.

Casual Volumes

Silhouettes are set to go voluminous this season, embracing an oversized look with such an excess of material that the pieces seem to drape around the body.
Structure derives from both the pattern and the nature of the textiles with dense, structured cottons holding their shape thanks to the singular fall of the fabric.
For tops, the season’s proposals favor comfort, with mixes of cotton and cellulose fibers having a softer feel.
A profusion of luxurious materials creates a mood of opulence.

Find out more about the Denim Première Vision show, taking place in Milan on June 5th and 6th.

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