AW 24-25 : Sustainability

While responsible approaches have long focused solely on materials, the truth is that environmental impacts occur throughout a product’s life cycle. Today, fashion is witnessing a profound change in its sourcing, production, marketing, distribution and usage models.

First and foremost, a global sustainable approach calls for an initial design that anticipates the various lives of the product, takes into account its longevity and considers how to integrate sustainable innovations. At the raw material selection stage, the sustainable measures that can be taken focus on choosing fibers that require less water and fewer pesticides, or fibers derived from agricultural by-products that have been transformed into new resources, or from existing textile or leather waste that is ready to be recycled. Another major stage occurs during the transformation, dyeing and finishing phases, where a product’s characteristics are determined, and where solutions for low-impact chemistry are multiplying.

Packaging also plays a role, in particular by opting for sustainability-oriented assemblies. The choice of packaging, transportation and distribution methods are all key steps in affirming a commitment to sustainability at every stage.

Finally, helping consumers care for their products will help them last longer, while minimizing the release of micro-particles during washing.

A range of different solutions are proposed in the Autumn-Winter 2024-25 collections of Première Vision’s exhibitors, to address these issues in a way that meets the criteria of each fashion brand.

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