AW 24-25 Fabrics

The future of classics

Why are silkies shining again and chic suitings back in the limelight? Why are fine, dense and compact cottons once again full of presence, and versatile, multi-performant wools cropping up in all sectors? It’s because, far from harking back to the past, these classic fabrics have plenty to say for Autumn-Winter 24-25.

They challenge us to take a closer look at their relevance to tomorrow’s world. Their many intrinsic properties make them perfect for more innovative uses. They’re natural – which appeals to us – and now we’re looking at them in a new, more experimental light.

They invite us to restore to fashion the pride of creating beauty with high-quality materials that are made to last, and bring us lasting pleasure. They encourage us to rediscover noble fibers in all their lustrous splendor. 

They’re not confined to any specific area, they have a place in every wardrobe. Creative, easy, they continue to demonstrate their ability to seamlessly integrate our everyday lives.

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