AW 23-24 style focus: the season’s new bags

Sustainability is firmly entrenched in the Autumn-Winter 23-24 season, permeating all markets.  Eco-design is emerging as a key creative approach for the season.

This new way of envisioning products is also reflected in the aesthetic choices for the Autumn-Winter season, which are gearing to a more restrained idea of luxury.

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Expressively authentic

A bag fabricated in two materials is brilliantly in tune with the season’s ready-to-vaunt-it authenticity. The bag combines two materials – both distinct yet complementary. One version posits high-quality leathers stylishly teamed with richly expressive skins, a great way to achieve an interplay of color and material. The sides of the bag come together around a simplified structure – for a unified design incorporating a more rigid leather and a suppler one, culminating in soft, almost scarf-like knots trimming the bag’s handles.

Leather-goods influence

Leathers inspired by truly fine leather-goods come in warmed-up fundamental shades. To meet sustainable criteria, robust leathers with a firm feel are finished with natural wax. The skin looks deeply nourished, glistening with a slight sheen. New vegetable tanning processes give these leathers a suppler feel, lending a very modern accent to their truly authentic look.


Expressively singular

More restrained leathers team up with high-impact skins that challenge outwardly classic designs. These last are finer and lighter, with the look of crispy paper or colorful varnish. Soft but grating colors like “vitamin halo” or the vibrantly chlorophyll “green epilogue” from Première Vision’s color range mimic an almost jellied texture.

Sometimes, it’s the handles that are a surprise, with smoothly powdery suede lamb or calf leathers.


The season is all about an economy of means, a frugal approach that infuses the creative directions of leather goods. Exhibitors are proposing technical and aesthetic innovations that align with eco-designed products.

Pared-down assemblies

Bag patterns and assemblies are simplified to the extreme, often revolving around a single panel to avoid unnecessary assemblies.

To allow for this type of assembly, firm calf leathers are used to build bags that look like deconstructed boxes. These leathers are embellished with a subtle iridescence that creates a strange impression, somewhat at odds with the rigor of the shape.


To avoid using glue on the seams, the panels are assembled using big studs. Huge and faceted, these solid studs are a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Their brutalist style is accentuated by the use of disproportionate snap hooks serving as clasps.

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