Alpaca: sustainable elegance

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The alpaca is the main species of South American camelid, 87% of the world population of which is concentrated in the Peruvian Andes at altitudes above 4000 meters. From these farms there remain more than 120,000 families who work to promote this precious fiber, an extremely significant element of cultural identity.

Why choose alpaca fiber?

A natural, eco-responsible and ecological material

The animal is sheared once a year and producers harvest around 3kg of wool. Alpaca lives in harmony with its natural environment and its fiber doesn’t need chemical materials to grow.

Respect and animal welfare

The alpaca lives freely in the Andean highlands, so it evolves in an environment perfectly conducive to its well-being while being perfectly tamed by the population.

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A wide range of natural colors

Alpaca has no less than 22 natural colors with shades ranging from white to black, including gray and brown, all other dyes used for its color are made from natural products with certifications.

A premium textile material

Produced exclusively in Peru, this fiber is extremely soft to the touch thanks to the fineness of its hair, the diameter of the “baby alpaca” is approximately 20/22,5 microns and the “super baby” quality, between 18 and 20 microns.

Warm and hypoallergenic fiber

The fiber has very advanced thermal properties with small microscopic air pockets that allow the animal to breathe well during hot temperatures and protect them from the cold at night.

Peru has the entire Alpaca productive chain

From breeding to garments manufacture, including the develop of Peruvian brands, our products are in the main international markets, Peru is a supplier of high-end international brands.

Meet the Alpaca del Peru team on stands 6P46 and 6R46 and for the pitch “Alpaca: sustainable fashion” on Tuesday 2 July, at 2:30 pm

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Alpaca Fiesta – Peru Moda 2024

PROMPERU and the International Alpaca Association are organising ALPACA FIESTA from October 21 to 26, 2024, which aims to disseminate and promote alpaca fiber. This event will bring together in the city of Arequipa, breeders, companies and institutions linked to the world of alpaca in a festive atmosphere and will offer all the activities of the alpaca value chain: business meetings, visits factories, competitions, conferences, parades, as well as cultural activities…

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