A new plant-based fiber outfit for PV Paris by RDD

Based in Portugal, RDD Textiles creates responsible fabrics made from bio-based, regenerative or recycled materials. Each fabric goes through an eco-conscious development, taking into account environmental and social impacts throughout its life cycle.

In its continuous search for innovative materials and technologies to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, the Portuguese company has been chosen to create the new outfits for the next two editions of Première Vision Paris, in July 2023 and February 2024.

A100% plant-based urban silhouette

With an oversize sleeveless hoodie and a matching long-sleeved t-shirt for the winter edition, the silhouette boasts a comfortable sportswear look, ideal for walking the 4 halls of the show.

But it’s in the composition and dyeing process that the real innovation of this new outfit lies. Developed from a unique blend of 60% bamboo lyocell, 20% banana fiber and 20% pineapple fiber, the outfit incorporates Recycrom™ technology that revolutionizes both the fabric’s composition and processing.

The July 23 host & hostess outfits by RDD Textiles

“Lyocell offers softness and breathability, the banana fiber adds durability and strength, and the pineapple fiber gives a glossy touch to the fabric surface.”

– Rute Santos, Head of Business & Product Development, RDD

Recycrom™, tomorrow’s dye

Mindful of the environmental footprint of the new outfit’s dyeing and printing process, RDD used its Recycrom™ technology to adorn the garments; a revolutionary technology that uses mechanically recycled dyes from fibrous materials and textile waste without using harmful chemicals.

The result? An innovative look that stylishly demonstrates that even the most seemingly mundane materials and processes can be transformed with a little imagination, creativity and commitment for a more responsible world, a world where fashion and circularity will surely go hand in hand.

Emblazoned with the motto “Recycle the past, colour the present”, the new PV Paris uniform reflects this commitment, shared by both the RDD Textiles and Première Vision Paris teams.

“We are supporting innovators as a supply chain partner, encouraging innovation through knowledge-sharing, transparency, and cooperation.”

– Rute Santos, Head of Business & Product Development, RDD
February 24 outfit
The tote bag handed out with every purchase of the new Autumn-Winter 24-25 color book.
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