“a better way” – The sustainable programme for more transparent sourcing

From 4 to 6 July at Paris Nord Villepinte, the Première Vision Paris show is reinforcing its eco-responsible approach with “a better way”, a new programme to decode its sustainable offer and help you in the development of your environmentally conscious collections.

Towards a more sustainable fashion

Since 2015 and the launch of Smart Creation, platform dedicated to the eco-responsible and technological innovations of Première Vision exhibitors, our goal remains the same: to bring together exhibitors and visitors around the themes of social and environmental responsibility.

In this spirit, we have devised a new system to analyze our exhibitors’ approaches and to promote these efforts to you, our visitors, during the shows and on the Première Vision Marketpace.

Introducing “a better way”

Season after season, the eco-responsible offer of the exhibitors at our shows continues to grow with new eco-designed product developments and technical innovations.

In order to better understand this multiple offer and to facilitate your sourcing and search for committed partners, starting in July, Première Vision Paris is deploying “a better way”, a new pictogram-based programme relaying on 5 criteria:

Selected criteria

Première Vision has chosen to adopt a multi-criteria approach, to reflect the entirety of an exhibitor’s performance and respond to visitors’ multiple concerns and issues. We want to provide a more nuanced and precise understanding, rather than a simply binary approach categorizing «responsible» versus «non responsible» exhibitors.

Better care of people through corporate practices and also in the supply chain.

Better environmental impacts of the company producing your items, whether you own the production facilities or use subcontractors.

Further traceability of the products.

Better composition and materials used: organic, responsible, certified, recycled or processes having a lower environmental impact.

Factoring end-of-life into
the design of the product,
in particular: durability, reparability, recycling capacity.

Selected labels

Criteria determined by Première Vision and independent experts are based are based on a survey system submitted to the exhibitors, as well as labels and certifications selected for their strength on a global scale, including : GOTS, Bluesign®, Leather Working Group, Iso 14001, Ecolabel, Global Recycled Standard, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, European Flax, EMAS, SA 8000, Responsible Wool Standard or FSC®.

It’s important to underline that the system has been designed to include exhibitors who do not have labels or certifications. We are aware that these are not a prerequisite for a responsible commitment.

A programme to be deployed in July

The exhibitors involved in the program will be identified by this pictogram on their stands.

This new eco-responsible labelling system will be implemented at the next edition of Première Vision Paris, from 4 to 6 July 2023. Deployed on a voluntary basis for exhibitors, this approach is intended to be positive and virtuous and will not propose any ranking or rating.

The visual display is based on pictograms that qualify an exhibitor’s level of sustainability in each of the 5 different themes.

And because your trust is of vital importance to Première Vision, random checks of exhibitors declarations will be carried out on a sample equivalent to 10% of participating companies, to verify the accuracy of the answers provided.

To find out more about the program and the 5 ‘a better way’ criteria, download our new white paper and check out the list of participating exhibitors.

With this new programme, we want to provide essential information on the commitments of our suppliers in a clear and transparent way to give you all the keys to guide your sourcing towards greater sustainability.

Don’t miss the next redesigned edition of Première Vision Paris!

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