496 Fabric Lab, pioneering circular economy and excellence in jacquard denim

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Founded in 2012, 496 Fabric Lab has carved a niche in the textile industry with its innovative approach to jacquard denim. Catering from high street fashion brands to luxury icons, 496 Fabric Lab continues to set benchmarks in quality and circular economy practices. Come meet the 496 Fabric Lab team on Stand D5 at Denim Première Vision in Milan on 5 & 6 June 2024.

The story behind the inception of 496 Fabric Lab

Our journey began in 2012 with a vision to redefine jacquard denim. We saw an opportunity to blend traditional textile craftsmanship with modern technology, creating unique and high-quality fabrics that stand out in the market. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has driven us from the start.

Ranging from Supreme to Valentino: how to manage catering such diverse brands?

Understanding the distinct needs and aesthetics of each brand has been key. For high street brands like Supreme, we focus on creating trendy but unique fabrics that appeal to their youthful and dynamic audience. For luxury brands like Valentino, we emphasize sophistication and exclusivity in our fabric designs. Our versatility and ability to tailor our products to different market segments have been crucial to our success.

496 Fabric Lab denim
496 Fabric Lab jacquard

New production center and the circular practices we’ve implemented

Circular economy is a major focus for us. In May 2024, we launched our new production center, designed and built to meet the highest standards of the circular economy. This facility utilizes advanced technology to minimize waste and energy consumption while maximizing resource efficiency. We’ve also transitioned from using BCI cotton to regenerative cottonfor all our collections. This shift reflects our commitment to sustainable sourcing and reducing our environmental footprint.

The decision to switch from BCI cotton to regenerative cotton

While BCI cotton was a step towards sustainability, regenerative cotton represents a more holistic approach to environmental stewardship. Regenerative cotton farming practices enhance soil health, increase biodiversity, and sequester carbon, making it a more sustainable option. Our decision was driven by a desire to lead by example in the industry and contribute positively to the environment.

496 Fabric Denim

AI techniques for jacquard weaving software development

We’ve integrated AI techniques into our jacquard weaving software to enhance design precision and efficiency. AI allows us to analyze complex patterns and optimize weaving processes, resulting in higher quality fabrics with intricate designs. This technology also enables us to reduce material waste and improve production speed, aligning with our circular economy principles.

Come meet our team on the Denim Première Vision show, stand D5.

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