Un monde de nouveautés chez Première Vision Designs

Are the frontiers in the world of textiles and fashion coming down? Première Vision Designs is once again celebrating diversity by welcoming 17 new international exhibitors at the next February edition. Here, a roundup from the universe of graphic innovation with 13 design studios from across the globe, from the UK to South Korea, the U.S. and Russia.

Spain’s Bla&Co and Sunsmith Studio stand out for their strong design stances, which are so perfectly in step with the times. Bla&Co offers a wide range of hand-drawn and computer-enhanced motifs, which Anna Branco’s team infuses not only with her passion for art and design, but her commitment to environmental issues as well. For this Spanish designer with a background in textile design and architecture, changing the world of fashion and embracing sustainability also involves textile designs, with patterns conceived to minimise the environmental impact of printing and finishing. minimiser l’impact environnemental lors de l’impression et du finissage.

The Sunsmith Studio, led by Julia Ferrer Soler, brings together an all-female team of young international designers exploring everything from floral and animal motifs to abstract designs, with a clean, minimalist look that is the studio’s DNA.

Always keenly attentive to the latest trends, England’s Ensell Taylor plays with techniques and registers to offer a very broad range of patterns that put the accent on colour. 

The panorama of new products from across the Channel is rounded-out by the brand-new studio of Eragh Mihalakis, a young Irish designer and tireless adventurer who has just moved to Dublin after travelling the world. Inspired by her trips to South America, Asia and Australia, all effortlessly cosmopolitan, her collections of lush patterns bridging the worlds of nature and fantasy are aimed at women’s fashion in all its forms, from activewear to lingerie, casual-chic fashion and beachwear.

A fan of flowers and colour, Sarah Sander (Germany) creates designs inspired by the plant world, whose fresh, cheerful and colourful nature is naturally in phase with beachwear, women’s and children’s fashion.

Magdalini Kleio Eftaxiopoulou MKE (Greece) draws her sources from the centuries-old richness of Greek art history and its sunny and fertile lands, with geometric and abstract motifs playing with contrasts and volumes, constantly balancing hand drawing (pen, ink, tempera) and photography, motif and texture.

With a background in surface design, Mariia Odinokova is now fulfilling her dream of presenting the many hats she wears in her research at Première Vision Designs. The Kunjut Studio (Russia) offers a complete range of motifs for interior design, fashion and accessories, as well as digital printing services aimed at the Russian and international markets. Creativity is one of the studio’s inspiring principles, so each week the team’s designers are asked to give free rein to their fantasy, comparing and contrasting their explorations of the most diverse styles, artistic inspirations and drawing techniques.

Using contrasting worlds and ideas to drive creation is also central to the philosophy at Antique Fabrique Boutique (USA), whose extensive archives house JJ Jenkins’ unbridled and scholarly passion for visual and graphic history, in addition to two million antique and vintage designs spanning the centuries. Now one of the largest private collections of designs in the United States, Antique Fabrique Boutique serves as a 360-degree guide to the world of images, whether to revive the splendours of the past or to look ahead to the future. According to this studio, the trend for the next season is flowers and blurry organic and vintage motifs, updated by a play on filters, scales and contrasts between geometric grounds and figurative natural and abstract motifs.

The round-the-world tour of graphic novelties continues into the southern hemisphere of the American continent with two Brazilian studios. Since 2019, Studio Attualità has been expanding the activity of its eco-responsible digital printing and consulting (fashion and design) Attualitá Têxtil studio, with a department entirely dedicated to developing a catalogue of hand-drawn and exclusive designs for the fashion and interiors markets. With two or three motif collections presented monthly by the team’s nine designers, Studio Attualità is constantly updating its motifs to keep abreast of the latest trends. Their tropical sensibility and playful, cheerful touch are perfect for beachwear, sportswear and fitness.

The vibrant atmosphere of Brazilian culture and the lushness of its fertile landscapes are naturally at the heart of  Stampa Studio‘s research as well. Since 2007, the studio has been deriving inspiration for its decidedly modern and international design collections from local art, architecture and culture.

South Korea’s Monroe J. Corp. breaks down a very broad variety of designs, with a focus on floral, colour and manual techniques such as watercolours and acrylics.

Japan’s Addict Corp. has been developing collections that combine tradition and trends, local culture and international flair in its Kyoto offices. For the coming season, the trend is towards flowers and natural motifs revitalized by a contrasting mix of  details with blurred and vintage ambiences.



Discover the complete list of design and decoration experts you can meet at Première Vision Designs Hall 5 from February 11 to 13, 2020.

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