“Sport et mode, une lame de fond ”

The new edition confirms the ever-closer links developing between fashion and sport. The latest update with Marguerite Coiraton, Show Manager of Première Vision Fabrics and the Sport & Tech project.

Tell us some of the major innovations that will be presented at the show in September.

A leading focus is on providing protection against the elements, which is sure to dominate the Autumn-Winter 20-21 collections. This involves insulation, with the development of thermo-active materials, fabrics and fibres that rely on nanotechnologies, as well as intelligent augmented-protection. Today, we see coats on the market where electric wires are integrated with a control box to activate the heating inside the garment. Some manufacturers have also created fibres that incorporate active particles, which themselves act as heat regulators.

Is the search for protection joined to a style imperative?

Protecting from the cold does not exclude fashion, quite the contrary. This season will accord a particular significance to fantasy, with materials featuring strong colours,
prints, motifs and shines.

There’s also a lot of talk about body mapping?

This is actually a major innovation that consists in designing a fabric that can provide compression and breathability zones to various areas in a garment. All this is done seamlessly, in a kind of continuum of material. This revolution, which can already be found in the sport world, is now entering the fashion world.

Ahryun_Lee_Mint stripe

Tasty collection, 2018 © Ahryun Lee

Does this ultra-technological universe also meet the sustainable challenge?

More than ever! Fabrics and accessories are now produced from environmentally friendly raw materials, especially recycled yarns. Some of them are made from plastic bottles, in particular those found in the oceans. The industry is also taking an interest in the important issue of biodegradability.

Do Première Vision Paris exhibitors work for both fashion brands and equipment manufacturers?

The show brings together more than 80 Sport & Tech specialists (weavers, component manufacturers, etc.) who are of interest to both equipment manufacturers and fashion brands. Ready-to-wear houses are thrilled to find these new and innovative materials at Première Vision Paris. As for sports brands, they find what they are looking for in the fashionable, functional and high-performance offer.

How is the sector evolving?

It’s constantly growing. The reason is the increasing closeness between fashion and sport, the coronation of techno-fashion. This is clearly a groundswell: consumers who have discovered and embraced comfort and functionality will not want to turn back the clock. Sport used to be a gimmicky thing in fashion, now it’s the central dynamic of this universe.

To find out more, visit the Sport & Tech area (Hall 6) which brings together:
• A fashion forum dedicated to the sector’s trends, with materials, components and clothing prototypes.
• Specialised conferences.
• A virtual-reality experience dedicated to protection.

In the meantime, discover our selection of fabrics on the Première Vision marketplace

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