Souplesse crémeuse

The search is on for suppleness and sensuality, comfort and versatility. Whether full and dense, smooth, powdery or stretch, a creamy suppleness is found readily in leathers and in mobile, undulating, body-skimming fabrics. Their incomparable softness and flexibility guarantee solutions for every situation this spring summer 19 season, due to their ability to adapt.


Rich colours and moving shine mark the specially finished cotton and polyester surfaces at Italy’s Mario Cucchetti. Here, plastic-coated textiles become almost second skins, and are used for innovative tee shirts or the season’s soft and light jackets.


A full and velvety softness is being piloted at Turkish tanner Marmara. Treated in a variety of colours, its double-face lambskins are ultra-fine and ultra-flexible to adapt to everything from clothing to handbags and shoes.

Agility and suppleness are also driving fabric research into wool and wool-blend fabrics at Italy’s Rafanelli Lanificio. Featuring a naturally powdery material reminiscent of moving talcum powder, surfaces are lighter and easier, with ever-softer handles.  

Meanwhile French tanner Le Puy embraces a voluptuous roundness, with naturally sensual calfskins with an occasional pop colour to brighten their look. Natural drum grain and mineral tanning set the stage for lush, highly resistant and waterproof leathers.

Turkish manufacturer Egedamla responds to the desire for smooth surfaces, but also to the demand for ever more finesse and suppleness with leathers whose agile elasticity has a surprising feel with its barely visible grains.

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