Shang Xia, sens dessus-dessous

Emerging in 2010 from a collaboration between Hermès and Jiang Quion Er, the young, artistic, Chinese design company, Shang Xia (in mandarin “up-down”) symbolises the new generation of Chinese luxury.

Rediscovering its rich history, China no long hesitates to rediscover its roots, there being no shortage of craftsmanship. Around twenty artisans have updated national legends by breathing life into precious objects, textiles, jewellery and furniture, all of which come from the imagination of twelve avant-garde designers: this is how a strand of bamboo, plaited by hand came to decorate a fine porcelain tea set, or how the ancestral, Mongolian techniques used for working felt, became used for sculptured coats.

Luxurious materials (cashmere, porcelain), the love of a heritage, the valuing of local traditions, annual themes (“Human and Nature”, “Heritage and Emotion”) this lifestyle brand does not forget the Parisian saddler which established it. A sort of Chinese version of Hermès, with western subtitling, Shang Xia positions itself at the crossroads between east and west, between the past and the future, between tradition and modernity.

When “made in China” finally rediscovered the meaning of grandeur.

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