Rencontre avec Yves Morin, président du comité d’organisation du Sustainable Leather Forum à Paris

The Sustainable Leather Forum is taking place on 16 September 2019 in Paris, on the eve of Première Vision. What can we expect from the event?

Coming to the Sustainable Leather Forum is an opportunity for French and international players in the footwear, leather goods and leather sectors to learn about the efforts made by the industry in terms of CSR, and to see what has already been achieved. Stakeholders in the sector are very much aware of the importance of CSR and have made efforts and invested time and money to revise both their manufacturing methods and their purchasing procedures. These efforts are starting to bear fruit and companies are now ready to talk about any difficulties they have encountered, express their enthusiasm for implementing these approaches and showcase their results.

Expert speakers will reiterate the challenges: new demands from consumers, working relations and conditions, loyalty in business, the environment, communities and local development, and more. Other subjects more specifically relevant to the businesses in our sector will also be addressed, from the conception of finished products to their commercialisation, including sourcing quality leathers, the development of eco-designed materials, traceability, harmlessness of products, ergonomics of work stations, responsible management of imports, preserving expertise, respecting intellectual property rights, and more.

This information will be shared in the form of concise individual key-note style presentations and round table discussions, one of which is dedicated to the upstream professions, namely trading in raw hides and tanning, the second focusing on the footwear markets and the third centred on the luxury sector and leather goods. It’s quite a programme!

Tell us about the profiles of the speakers?

Many of our speakers come from companies that are representative of our sector, ranging from SMEs to luxury houses, from raw materials to finished products, and include emblematic names from each sector. It is important to bear in mind that size doesn’t matter, all these companies have taken up the CSR challenge to implement an approach that encourages sustainable development.

There will also be specialists who will outline methods for developing and advancing towards a Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

And last but not least, there will be international technical and labelling organisations, as well as representatives from the world of politics.

Do you have any exclusive information to share with us?

We will have the honour of welcoming Ms. Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State working with the Minister for the Economy, Mr Bruno LeMaire.

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