Pontetorto, une entreprise traditionnelle, innovante et créative

Pontetorto is a company which has successfully managed to combine tradition, innovation, creativity and superior technical expertise thanks to intuition and high entrepreneurial skills associated with creativity. Evolution and innovation are the key elements that underpin Pontetorto strategy.   

During its outstanding growth, Pontetorto has always pursued solutions that kept the environment and its sustainability as a foremost priority. Environment protection means active commitment and development of new projects, supporting the aim to produce fabrics from recycled materials, which are renewed and pollute less. Over the years, the level of specialization has been highly enhanced through the constant introduction of new and modern techniques. A unique imprint that distinguishes Pontetorto Fashion and Sport divisions: different departments, yet united by a common thread. Following their corporate philosophy and mission, the two areas give voice to creativity by combining experimentation and innovation with consistency.

Style and aesthetic research for the Fashion division, technological experimentation and innovation for Sportsystem. Two expressions of Pontetorto entrepreneurial capacity and production wisdom.

Excellence in quality has always been the driving force for Pontetorto production process, as well as the element that made the company earn its worldwide reputation. As a matter of fact, Pontetorto means reliability, thanks to a strategy of continuous improvement that enabled the company to keep up with the evolving international standards.

Pontetorto was awarded:
• the DNV Business Assurance ISO 9001 certificate
• the Bluesign® certificate
• the Oekotex 100 certificate
• the Global Recycled Standard certificate
• the Responsible Wool Standard certificate

Pontetorto is also on HIGG FEM and HIGG FSLM.

More information on their website!

You can find Pontetorto on the show Hall 5 /  5M52 5N53 and Hall 6 / stand 6G16

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