POINTS FORTS COULEURS AH 21/22 : Les rouges par univers

Action marks the AW21/22 season as it gets underway.

A desire to get moving again, to shift the boundaries and make passionate, enthusiastic commitments drives the season’s creative proposals across all sectors. This energy infuses the season’s preferred color schemes, with reds in its many guises as a central force in the Première Vision color range.

Read the article about preferred color choices focusing on Red, decoded by the Première Vision fashion team.

Also discover a selection of fabrics celebrating red, broken down by sector, to build your AW 21/22 collections.


A dual ambivalence marks the coming season, echoing the richness and plurality of the season’s palette of reds. Behind an obvious and understandable desire to safeguard and reassure the consumer with familiar materials, red emerges as the color that disrupts and enhances collections, a winning way to surprise.

In leathers, red immediately stands out as a boldly courageous stance that finds its reward in daring proposals that sow a certain visual confusion.

Grained calf with a classic look and balanced fulling ventures into vegetable tannings, for new color renderings just right for high, supple boots.

Smooth, flawless and pigmented leathers are adorned in fiery red*, the color of passion and heightened emotions, for sky-high pumps to stir up desire and envy.

Slightly shameless and even a touch scandalous, fiery red* mixes in with no-gender loafers, for a deliciously retro bourgeois charm.

Active Red* takes on its full meaning, elevating the season’s sneakers to the forefront of the runways. This fiery and audacious shade updates the pared-down lines of heritage-style sneakers, and infuses new energy into the season’s most innovative designs. The new models are developed in in leathers that successfully blend heightened performance technology, ecological considerations (traceability, heavy-metal free, reduced chemical impact) and pleasing esthetics, for a new sensory experience.



FC Creacio

Nubucks worked in oxide red* lend a sensuality and voluptuous well-being to the season’s bags. Buffed lamb skins with a velvety feel and impeccable look welcome the slow and careful caress of a hand. A hint of optimism, pointing to the round and generous volumes of the new fall bags.

Chic bags enjoy playing pretend thanks to deep and intense reds, evoking an air of theatricality. Without any notion of false modesty, double-faced leathers reveal a gold-toned side behind a provocative fiery red* suggesting a dense and mysterious curtain: a more extravagant creative approach to enliven details in next winter’s bags.




The evening sector passionately and enthusiastically embraces red in all its many expressions. Passionate and sentimental, it bolsters the season’s activist movement. Silkies discover a chance to emphasize their simultaneously full, generous and runny handles. The deep and intense active red* sets off pared-down lingerie-style dresses, and underlines the movement of a determined gait.

Occasionally, a lace elaborated as a fine insert, used on a neckline or fine straps, lends a touch of ultra-femininity. Jacquards and calendared silks are worked in tone-on-tone to better catch the light and create a subtle play of light and shadow. Jacquard coordinates infuse evenings with an incandescent halo. Fabrics too are imbued with a gleaming shine, with tone-on-tone decorative effects to accentuate their sensuality, in asymmetrical, bare-shouldered tops and dresses.




Piero Galli


Generators of desire, a source of willpower and energy boosters, reds are naturally a must-have color in the Sport & Tech segment. Whether used all-over or in sharp, confident color contrasts, active red* reflects the vertical and horizontal flexibility and elasticity of the bi-stretch knits that give next winter’s sportswear a robust strength. Its light shapes volumes, and shows off spacer knits to perfection.

Knits can retract in repose, and follow the body as it moves, while allowing perspiration to evaporate quickly. Breathable, anti-bacterial fabrics, sometimes made from recycled polyester or polyamide yarn, are used to build high-performant sports gear – tee-shirts, zip-up sweatshirts, leggings – for athletes ready to go for it next season.

For the outdoors, polyamide fabrics combine eco-responsible properties – traceable materials, lowered impact – for little outdoor jackets and jackets that are easy-wearing and water repellent. The substantial oxyde red* – more primitive, primal, oxide-rich, and deeply connected to the cycle of life, proves an interesting choice to reveal the shivering, lively surfaces of these technical fabrics.

Sport accessories – zips, stoppers, cords – combine pop dynamism with technical and innovative properties. A mesh look, with recycled plastics and bio-polymers elaborated in active red*, give the right finishing touch to garments and inject a peppy note, to pull the trigger on AW21/22.

All you have to do is pull the cord!

Idea84 srl




Newman Global


Energized by these dynamic and stimulating reds, autumn-winter 21/22 is in the starting blocks, ready to dive into the season and open up the field of possibilities to exciting new perspectives.

Find the reds proposed in the Première Vision color range here.




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