Patrizia Fabri, Antica Manifattura Cappelli, au salon Maison d’Exceptions

(English subtitles available)

« The particularity of Antica Manifattura Cappelli is to now be one of the last workshop specialized in the manufacturing of felt hat shaped with steam on wood molds according to old-syle and traditional methods. The workshop is from Tuscany, an Italian region famous for its women hat manufacturing, while the Piedmont is famous for its men hats. We are astride those two cultures, because we work with felt (typical from Piedmont) just as much with straw (typical from Tuscany).

Our mission is not only to pass on and to save the traditional manufacturing, that is dying out. But it is also to bring back the hat to its former glory. It is a basic accessory that completes and thrills the female and male figure, according to me. We have lost a lot with the abandonment of hats.

Collaborating with designers is interesting. They represent the future and we are in the past, creating a connection between both of us is interesting. Because more often today, even the fashion professionals have forgotten the techniques that give birth to hats.

What I like is to get in the hat making world, it is a little bit like getting inside a world of adventure and unknown. »

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