Éloge du dessin à la française

Sensitive and refined, constantly juggling between illustration and motif, tradition and innovation… French-style textile designs are characterized by an extraordinary creative renewal – which can be seen in the work of eight new French designers who are joining Première Vision Designs to share their techniques and inspirations…

Coming from the world of graphic design and illustration, Clémence Albertus of Studio Albertus draws on fruitful past experiences for her very first textile collection. Thus, her sometimes retro, sometimes graphic motifs evoke classic sources from around the world  – from traditional French designs to wax textiles, Iranian ceramics, Lebanese tiles, etc.- combined with contemporary illustrations, and hand-drawing with digital techniques, in a remarkably free and delightful play on styles and registers.

The same is true for Alexandra and Claire of the Unique en Série studio, who use the most diverse hand-drawing techniques (from Indian ink to pencils), as well as an integrated screen-printing workshop, to express a vegetal and floral universe reflecting both botanical engraving and contemporary illustration, a cetnuries-old French visual heritage and graphic innovation.

This interest in the unique nature of the hand-drawn line connects their work and that of Camille Pianel, with whom Unique en Série will share its stand. Coming from the worlds of fine arts and fashion, Pianel’s motifs are conceived at the crossroads between visual inspirations drawn from the history of art and the specific nature of various mediums, manual and digital techniques. The resulting universe of natural, floral, geometric or abstract forms is intended for men’s and women’s fashion, scarves and accessories as well as stationery and wallpaper. She pays particular attention to eco-design and the development of graphic and embellishment techniques designed to minimise environmental impact.

For Sabine Gombert-Gouérou of the Zabcolor studio, this same passion for art history is articulated with a heightened attention to everyday reality, which she interprets through a poetic and dreamy prism. For this designer, this is one of the most striking features of French textile design: the desire to embellish the everyday world with fine and delicate details, so that everyone can find a home for their own sensibility. Her designs are always developed from quick sketches and impressions captured on the fly, which she reworks on the computer in a constant dance between the infinitely large and the very small.

Amélie Broddes expresses a pictorial sensibility and a marked taste for colour in motifs with a highly sophisticated and vibrant chromatic palette, which is the origin of a refined, graphic and delicate visual universe, perfect for both children’s fashion and women’s fashion, interiors and stationery.

For her part, Olivia Jaudel articulates tender and playful motifs in both narrative and abstract themes and likes to play with colour, creating a dialogue between soft and strong , diluted and acidic shades in unique chromatic ambiances. 

Meantime, Noriko Watanabe-Espinosa has chosen Première Vision Designs to present her brand new textile design studio, Monetiro (MON, 紋, motif and IRO, 色, colour): a tribute to her Japanese roots, fully expressed in her predilection for India ink, graphic pens and the use of black and white, which she employs in the early stages of developing her colourful creations to trace dynamic and fleeting silhouettes of dancing lines. These three designers draw their inspiration from everything that surrounds them, whether it be images, books or children’s literature ( which Amélie Broddes particularly cherishes), cinema, architecture, nature and fashion trends for Olivia Jaudel, or the secret poetry of everyday life – a yellowing leaf, the fleeting scent of a perfume – for Noriko Watanabe-Espinosa.

Lastly, playing with colour and scale are the distinctive features of Adelaide Collard’s research at the Adélaïde Color  studio. Floral, geometric and animal motifs unfurl on backgrounds worked in a delicate and meticuluous palette, creating visual rhythms and highly graphic narratives.


Tradition and innovation, delicate narration and abstraction with a strong personality – these are the many facets that make up the richness of a French graphic tradition that is constantly renewing itself and confirming its unique and elusive character. It’s just so French!

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