Micha Deridder, artiste plasticienne, au salon Maison d'Exceptions 2/2

(English subtitles available)

« My name is Micha Deridder. I studied fashion at La Cambre in Belgium to become a designer and stylist. I am currently working on a project that I call the suitcase project, which at some point became a sort of collection of what I had done. I started with the idea of a suitcase; from there I wanted to visit a country from the angle of textiles.

I went to Japan with the first suitcase. I was already in the middle of working there; we went to see textile producers, to see how they work in Japan. The question was how can we evolve, produce something else on looms that were designed to produce neckties. And finally, how can this technique move into other things that are more adapted to the way we live today? Everybody gave me samples. We returned with tons of fabrics.

At the moment, I am making the suitcase that I am going to bring to Kyoto. It is a reflection of emotions and impressions from this Japanese journey, a collection of everything I experienced and all of the materials, and the manners in which I appropriated them. This makes me fearful, I am nervous of their reactions. »

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