Micha Deridder, artiste plasticienne, au salon Maison d'Exceptions 1/2

(English subtitles available)

« My name is Micha Deridder. I studied fashion at La Cambre in Belgium to become a designer and stylist. But I quickly realized that there were other things that interested me. I take clothing as a medium as others take sculpture or painting. I work a lot with textiles, but not exclusively, because there is also drawing, photography and video.

Quickly I realized that I was interested in form and in how, from a pattern, I arrived at a way to integrate forms and produce something new. I could make patterns for everything. I have a lot of fun with this type of exercise. What I also like, underneath, is the relationship to mathematics, geometry, form and calculations that guide me to a finished product. There is a kind of magic space that is created.

People who do not understand these techniques – there are a lot – are totally fascinated. How have you made this? How does this work? For me, it is just a calculation, but I understand this aspect of fascination.

I am also interested in techniques with thread. When we draw, we start with one point that becomes a line and then becomes a surface. The thread starts from little fibers that assemble to form the thread, which is then knit, crocheted, woven to likewise create a surface. And this surface can rise into volumes. It is really the construction of a world. It is as though each time we restart, we talk about new things. We always begin again in order to construct. »

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