Marine Carnus, Desrues, au salon Maison d'Exceptions

(English subtitles available)

« My name is Marine Carnus. I am in charge of product development in ready-to-wear for Maison Desrues, a high-end parurier. We imagine, develop and produce items such as buttons, ready-to-wear accessories, leather goods accessories, shoe accessories, and fantasy jewelry for luxury and couture houses.

We work on both small and large series, the only difference being that we cannot use the same techniques due to cost and turnaround restrictions. For example, in small series we work with glass paste and glass casting. For large series, we work with color resin to achieve lower prices and higher production capacity. We work mainly in tin and brass, as well as mother of pearl, antler, leather, fabric, and chain. We work with absolutely all types of material.

Certain designers give us sketches, others hand us technical plans for which we move directly into production. Others still come to us only with a theme. In these cases, we look at fabrics, seek to understand the spirit of the collection, and make some proposals. »

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