Luce Couillet, au salon Maison d'Exceptions

(English subtitles available)

« I am Luce Couillet, a textile designer. I work exclusively on a loom, doing weaving. My particularity is the combination of very different materials, not necessarily textiles from the start: metals and plastic, always combined with more noble materials such as mohair and silk. I really like to play with such contrasts.

Working within artisanal technique allows me to use materials that require large industrial development. This gives me a varied, rich palette and allows me to develop personalization in printing and many other things, allowing for a result that is truly made-to-measure.

With metal, what pleases me is its inelasticity, very far from textiles. We begin with something that can be sculpted, with a brilliance and some technical connotations and arrive, though blending with mohair or another material, at something like a rigid silk. I like to thus divert metal.

I have nothing against plastics. I really like to play with them in combinations. With nylon, like with metal, we stumble across a brilliance unlike silk, providing small, surprising effects in the fabrics. The way the fabric falls and feels is different too. There are no angles, we are in much rounder domain. We move beyond cut into a form that is rather different, and pleases me as well. »

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