Les matières/couleurs de la saison du printemps-été 2021

New alliances between colours and materials are taking shape, expressed in all their beauty and technical skill in four product highlights developed jointly by Première Vision and partner manufacturers for the spring-summer 21 colour range (available for pre-sale online and to be found at the next Première Vision New York and Paris shows).

The season’s key words show the spring-summer season’s determined first steps, with product developments that combine beauty and a respect for the environment, brilliantly created by companies committed to eco-responsible fashion and design:

A rhythmic lightness

Stripes and lightness come together for a spring summer where classics will have difficulty finding a place in a season where creativity and unconventionality are so firmly in the fore. A particular highlight is this shirt fabric in a luminous honeycomb, with synthetic accents of « plastic purple », decorated with an engineered stripe and given texture through a braid-like weave and chenille yarns. A fabric for deceptively low-key, amazing and vibrant garments, from Cangioli 1859.

Vitality and tactility

Bursting with a warm, honeyed light, this dense, fine twill from Italy’s Infinity mill wraps the body in kindness and energy, following its movements without binding them. Its masterful finishing, virtuoso yarns and hemp blend, along with its stretch, lend a contemporary handle, at once slightly brittle and full, malleable and lively, springy and fine.


Supple roundness

A leather with a full, soft suppleness, irresistibly inviting you to feel the material in your hand. The 100% chrome-free vegetable tanning, created by Vecchia Toscana, brings out the naturalness of the calf skin and highlights its fine, subtly irregular grain.Its greyish blue colour and light finish with a non-covering shine transport the skin into a chic, casual and sustainable register.


Density and spontaneity

The rounded and sensual shapes of a spontaneous abstract design unfurl across a fine and compact organic cotton knit by Adalberto Estampados. The visual effect of the colours on an eco-friendly mercerising infuses the fabric with a lively, moving and deliciously irregular feeling.

To discover and try out the feel of these materials, along with the season’s colours and inspiration, order the spring summer 21 range. Along with the sample materials we just presented to you, it contains:
The colour-range poster, a colour chart to cut out, suggestions for harmonies, fashion directions illustrated by silhouettes, the season’s main themes illustrated in fabrics, leathers and accessories, as well as a USB key with the digital colour references and a pdf document summing up the season.

Colour ranges purchased online can be picked up from 11 to 13 February 2020 at the Première Vision Paris points of sale.

Many thanks to our exhibitors Adalberto Estampados, Cangioli 1859, Infinity and Vecchia Toscana for developing these samples!

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