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Textiles that are technical and elegant, powerful and stylish. The new Sport & Tech forum (Hall 6) that Première Vision is launching this September captures the growing importance of the combination of technical fabrics and sportswear codes in tomorrow’s fashions. With an inspirational space featuring a cutting-edge selection of fabrics and accessories, a thematic conference program and a space devoted entirely to active mobility, Sport & Tech provides a full set of analytical tools and practical solutions to decode all the trends emerging from the growing success of the sports and tech worlds.


PrimaLoft Silver Insulation 100% PCR_f

« At this point we see the intersection of technical clothing and city fashions moving in twin directions: sportswear is gradually taking over lifestyle, while casual but elegant fashion is increasingly turning to high-performance fabrics. » Technical-comfort specialist Primaloft is confident that the alliance between technology and fashion is the key to coming styles. And the US producer is perfectly positioned to judge this trend, with an offer of high-performance fabrics and insulation solutions already strongly acclaimed by the market.


The Sensitive® Fabrics range from Italy’s Eurojersey is characterized by the same dual attention to performance and style. These super-breathable and wrinkle-resistant technical fabrics suggest edgy new looks to come with their laser-cuts, heat-welded seams and coatings. Among the latest additions to the range, the Sensitive® Bonded collection features solid colours and 3D digital prints that combine a natural aspect – blends, wool and mohair – with technical handles and performance.


Cosmopolitan, the multi-functional collection from Schoeller Textil, perfectly addresses this burgeoning demand for high-performance style, with fabrics where ultimate performance also boasts natural handles and perfect comfort. The new cotton and polyamide blends, available in tone-on-tones or a range of natural colours, are surprisingly supple, eco-friendly and water-resistant thanks to PFC-free ecorepel® Bio technology. In the same vein, ECONYL® yarn made from regenerated materials ensures a surprising suppleness (schoeller®-dryskin); lightness (the ultra-light and bi-elastic schoeller®-dynamic); and stylishness via the range’s fresh and original colour palette (lightweight schoeller®-WB-400, which is ultralight, and lined in jersey).


The resurgence in function with style is also found at the yarn and microstructure level at Shinkong textile. The company offers reflective insertions embedded in weaves and visible only in the dark; gleaming and semi-transparent tech organzas; and ultra-light and stretch seersuckers whose natural aspect goes hand-in-hand with antiperspirant, anti-UV and anti-wrinkle properties.

Dreamshape secret

Inspired by a demand for comfort in sport and lingerie, Dreamshape® fabrics from Italy’s Pennitalia underlines this dual market orientation, while also adding an increased attention to the environment, which is the other common theme running through tomorrow’s fashions. The Ecowash protocol developed for the Dreamshape® Ecoinnovation range leads to significantly reduced water consumption throughout the textile sector, from dyeing to machine maintenance, while Powerlace Rascheltronic tulle imports shaping and breathable properties from sports apparel and puts them to use in seductive intimate textiles.


Performance, style and responsibility: these three directions are neatly brought together in the recent research underway at Polartec, the polar fleece specialist. The new Alpha® Direct fabric from this American company can be put in direct contact with the skin, and guarantees greater lightness, improved breathability, and unprecedented drying speeds as well as greater freedom in terms of styling possibilities. Thanks to its innovative structure, Polartec® Power Fill TM ensures optimal warmth without any added weight or volume, and guarantees sustainable content that is 100% post-consumer recyclability. Technical, ecological, stylish…. in one word, innovative.

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