Leather : Ouverture de la saison du printemps-été 2021

The leather industry is re-examining its best practices, rethinking its processes from sourcing to manufacturing. Eco-responsibility is emerging as a springboard to imagine new aspects and handles, providing an impetus to join in the movement and further enhance the quality and beauty of products.

While emphasis continues to be placed on environmentally friendly chrome-free or vegetable tanning, there’s also a growing focus on finishings, for a more global approach. Coatings are light, and the natural quality of the leather is emphasized. The goal isn’t to mask or cover the leather, but rather fully reveal its characteristics and features.

So this season, shine is expressed in an undulating gleam deposited like a syrupy glaze on a supple leather skin – highlighting it, playing on its texture and continually catching the eye as it moves. Reflections bring out all the beauty of a skin, moving with it, furtively vanishing, then slyly reappearing – just like a summer puddle capturing flashes of sunlight.

We never lose sight of a leather’s grain, which is its signature and soul. It looks nourished, lustrous, boosted by honeyed, organic lacquers, enhanced by a never-solid pearliness, minimally-dosed.

Embossing and pleating help to bring the material to life. A vintage spirit emerges, steeped in the nobility of perfectly glazed, proudly resplendent skins.

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