Conférence : Le futur des fleurs

Say it with flowers! A timeless constant in textile design, floral motifs have been used throughout history for centuries, conveying images of optimism and softness. But what’s the future of this timeless yet ever-changing motif?

To find the answer, Première Vision Designs invited Clare Johnston (Professor Emeritus of the Royal College of Art and former Head of Design at Liberty), Elsa May (Product Manager, Première Vision Fashion Department), Camilla Blunt of the Camilla Frances Print and independent print designer Davinder Madaher to speak at the round table « Designs : The Future of Flowers » (Wednesday 18, 4:45/5:45 pm, Fashion Talks Area, Hall 6), moderated by Gill Gledhill (Head of the Premiere Vision UK and Republic of Ireland Office) and entirely devoted to flowers in all their forms and seasons.


For textile designers Camilla Blunt and Davinder Madaher, flowers are an inescapable source of inspiration. From flower shows to garden flowers, there are countless opportunities to admire a flower and sketch it, to provide the basis of a creative development process combining manual and digital techniques. « The important thing is to know how to look carefully, relentlessly, » says Davinder Madaher, who noted that the recent success of floral motifs in men’s fashion – both luxury and mass market – is the most significant confirmation of the durability and extraordinary versatility of this motif.

At the Camilla Frances Print studio, flowers represent on average 60% of the motifs developed by its team, yet the field of possibilities is far from being exhausted. « Observing reality is infinitely inspiring, and colouring and interacting the motifs with fabrics and textile techniques present endless new fields of exploration, » noted Camilla Blunt.

As for the future of flowers, it continues to be written season after season in the work and vision of young designers at Première Vision Designs, such as Flora Daly and Molly-Mae Brissett-Haigh.

For 2020-2021 AW, reported Elsa May, the trend seems to be towards nocturnal, mysterious atmospheres, with flowers gushing out like phantasmagorical apparitions on darkly-hued grounds, a fine and fragile balance between blooming and fading, the celebration of life and a memento mori.

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