L’accessoire surdoué

More than just decorative, accessories are now also ultra-technical and innovative, ready to jazz up your lifestyle, sport and athleisure lines.

Find out some Sport & Tech novelties that will be presented at Première Vision Accessories (Hall 4) and on the Sport & Tech Forum (Hall 6).


This specialists of thermal insulation presents Ecodown® Fibers. They ensure the same loft as high quality 90/10 feathers and can likewise be blown into a garment. The loft of down products is calculated with the “fill power test”: fibers are blown through a cylinder and their volume is measured. The higher the “fill power”, the puffier the jacket. Tests performed on Ecodown® Fibers have reported an outstanding fill power of over 600, which is how the product is able to guarantee that “puffy” look. Moreover, this insulation is incredibly durable: its one-of-a-kind multi-shape structure allows high resistance and prevents it from clumping when campaign.

Not only are Ecodown® fibers animal-free, but they are also made from 100% PET bottles. Every jacket insulated with Thermore®’s fibers allows recycling up to 10 post consumer bottles. Along with a warm feel, the insulation achieves a soft touch without the use of microfibers, which would contaminate oceans and, ultimately, our own food.

Designers can finally let their creativity flow with no limitations, knowing Ecodown® Fibers will allow them not only to recreate that puffy down look, but also to support environmental sustainability.


thermore 2



Première Vision will be the stage to show the latest version of the fabric dedicated especially to the sportswear and activewear markets: THINDOWN® FLEX.

THINDOWN® Flex is innovation within the innovation, allowing disruptive products – down jackets without channels that move with you. Thanks to a massive program of research and development, the only down fabric has become elastic, allowing THINDOWN® to stretch and recover without breaking or losing its incredible features. THINDOWN® Flex, with an elastic percentage of 5%, follows the body. It is “Warmth in Motion”.

IRC 4C51

A family company for three generations, IRC produces reflector strips for workwear, security wear, firefighters and road signs. For the last three years, the company has been developing fabric strips, elastic or non-elastic transfers and piping for the fashion and sports markets. All the items are developed in-house and made in Italy. The new collection includes two items that are currently being patented: a black reflector that is as powerful as a silver one, ideal for motorcyclists or cyclists, and a reflector that sends back a golden light rather than a white light.



M.AR.C 4D52

This manufacturer of elastic bands, rigid bands and laces is very present on the sportswear market and is now offering the fashion world its expertise in the areas of comfort, breathability and lightness, plus its reflector, non-slip and marking solutions. Experts in silicon applications, embossing, digital printing, meshes and spacers, M.AR.C presents a high-quality, high-performance and refined collection that is sure to delight fashion designers.

UTAX 4c56

Specialised in heat-bonding and printing using polyurethane resin, this manufacturer offers solutions adapted to the needs of the lingerie and sports sectors, but also for designers looking for innovation: hold, compression, sculpting effects, seam-free solutions, breathability and customization. Using liquid glue, the bonding is applied at specific points according to the desired pattern. Resin printing applies the same principle, with the eventual addition of pigments or reflective microbeads. Utax offers a complete service ranging from all-over or semi-finished panels, to the production of the final product, thanks to an entirely automated production process using machines specially developed by the company.

utax7243 (1)



Comfortable woven labels which heat and inform simultaneously: a new accessory concept that combines style and function image and performance. Technologies already engineered for easy insertion inside a clothing item, like the miniature heating elements available in pre-cut modules ready to be mounted.
Accessories that can also be activated via Bluetooth from smartphones or other mobile devices. The rechargeable Lithium batteries with USB connectors are compact and lightweight, and can be fitted inside garments without affecting wearability at all. All solutions can be washed and ironed, printed or given special finishes.

Check out the complete exhibitors’list of Première Vision Accessories HERE


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