Incalpaca présente son processus de développement pour des produits plus durables

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After 20 years of experience in the production of yarns and foreign trade activities, Grupo Inca decided to venture into the manufacture of alpaca fabrics and knitted garments. These activities led to the creation of IncalpacaTPX S.A. in 1996.

Currently, they have five production lines:

  • Woven fabrics: The detailed finishing of their fabrics comes from merging Italian techniques with their know-how of Andean fibers. The wide range of colors, designs, weights and compositions of their fabrics broaden the possibilities of creation.
  • Knitwear: They combine a variety of stitches, gauges, yarns, and colors to render a creative proposal. Incalpaca use the most noble fibers of the market: vicuna, alpaca, silk, wool, pima cotton, linen, among others.
  • Accessories: Their scarves, stoles, and shawls are made entirely of noble and natural fibers of vicuna, guanaco, Baby Alpaca and blends. These blends develop light-weight accessories that are perfect for spring evenings, or thicker scarves to warm up in winter nights.
  • Outerwear: The company is expert in the manufacture of coats in every style and shape, made with fine alpaca fabrics and blends.
  • Home line: Throws, blankets, cushions, and rugs available in a wide range of natural colors, characterized by their softness and featuring a delicate finishing.


Incalpaca seeks for the maximum use of the natural alpaca fiber, and for this reason they have developed 100% recycled products. In this process to develop sustainable products: they save energy, reduce the consumption of raw materials, and minimize the amount of waste ( 120,000 kg/year).

The regular production process generate a wide range of different waste materials. After the classification, sorting and cleaning these elements are processed into yarns again, wich they use to make blankets, coats and ruanas. These efforts are focused on reducing the impact on the environment and developing environmentally friendly garments.

Their certifications


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Find Incalpaca on the Première Vision show at the stand 6R25.

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