Hans de Foer, directeur du Programme Postgraduate Création de l'IFM, au salon Maison d’Exceptions

(English subtitles available)

« IFM as you might know is like a postgraduate program where designers from all over the world are able to work on their personal collections, but also on collections with brands or manufacturers. We try to train designers to get out of their ivory tower in order to become a part of a whole business, a whole sector. Also in order to know people working ahead of them, but also people working together with them and people working after them to get their collections existing and being able to be produced.

Therefore, they are going to be in contact with suppliers, professionals, craftsmen and technicians to explain them what it is all about. They are no longer just designing, they are going to understand what is happening in the technical part of a garment or an accessory. But also embellishment and embroidery, all the different techniques whether on leather, on fabrics or on garment assembling to know what it all takes for a garment to exist, so when they are designing they can take it into account.

So they are mainly in contact with suppliers they can meet at Première Vision or while working with different fashion houses. So they can start to understand all the know-how behind these craftsmen. I can see that beat by beat they are going to take more and more crafts in their collections. »

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