Designs sous le signe de la French Touch

This season, Designs welcomes 57 French exhibitors
What’s the secret of French style?
3 studios give us a preview of the major themes in the collections they’ll be presenting next February.            


The S/S 19 will be lush, flowery, happy, abundant and Groovy!

F-FS-11356_1500x1500Mixflowers will reveal flowers and leaves of all kinds: graphic and exotic in black & white, delicate buds in refined tones, lightly water-coloured flowers in chlorophyll hues, chalk-drawn powdery botanicals, spontaneous colourblock flowers, oversized and exuberant leaves in gouache, cactus and succulents revealed under stippled patterns, more reinvented small romantic flowers.

Liquid will explore the seabed through more or less visible screened animals.

Amalgam will feature textured, irregular and hybrid patterns, including terrazzo decorations, reconstituted woods, crushed marbles and unusual composites.

RelicTrip will lend a holiday feel to blockprint techniques, with figurative elements inspired by outdoor vacations.

HappyVeggie will have fun scribbling juicy, coloured fruits in splotches of colour, marker-coloured flat tints, and plays on opacities.

And finally Groovy Geometric will tilt summer colours over to contrasting browns with grating tones, for a series of geometrics with a nostalgic 70’s inspiration.



The new collection of Mademoiselle Poire is a striking mix of generous and playful motifs. With its sweet and dreamlike, warm and tart details and colour combinations, the spring outlook forecasts rays of sunshine after the winter break.






Little Cube and Epluche: already well established on their own for several years, Sarah and Laurie have each developed their own strong and recognisable graphic styles. With their fresh and varied collections marked with a touch of humour, they are showing together at Première Vision Designs to propose a wide catalogue of motifs for all sectors.

Discover the full list of Première Vision Designs exhibitors here

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