Design textile sans frontières

Floral or abstract, large or small, digital or hand-drawn, the collections proposed by the 27 new international studios making their debut this February at Première Vision Designs are fully expected to buck mainstream trends, and cut across technical, gender and style silos.

A focus on 6 new studios :


The Belgian studio Something Els is perfectly placed to attest to the power of breaking down visual boundaries: its founder, Els Vande Kerckhove, has a proven track record in graphic design and for her debut at Première Vision Paris she is presenting a selection of motifs designed by architect Anthony Jammes.

The joining of their respective disciplines and sensitivities has given rise to a catalog of exquisitely graphic and deliberately unisex computer-designed motifs, for the fashion market as well as for accessories and interiors.



Colombian prints

Colombian Prints studio can confirm the benefits of intentionally surpassing one’s horizons as well. Founded in 2017, this studio combines the talents of heralded textile designer Turcios, a seasoned professional fabric designer, and Nani, a caricaturist, feminist and cartoonist who has been working in textiles for almost 20 years.

The motifs resulting from their creative dialogue share a strongly original magical realism, focused on fantastical animals and flowers, drawn by hand irrespective of technique, whether drawn or done in watercolours or acrylics.


The same is true for Brazilian studio Oficina Caramelo, whose founders, Solange and Rosana, have different backgrounds: the first as a visual artist and accessories designer in France, and the second as a painter- ceramist and textile designer.

Founded in 2011, their studio draws on these multiple experiences to forge a catalog of highly contemporary botanical, geometric and animal motifs capturing every kind of technique, from freehand drawing to digital modelling, photography, engraving, collage, screen printing and paper weaving.

Oficina Caramelo

Laima joubert

The inexhaustible range of original techniques and methods emerging from a crossing of visual arts, graphic design and the textile universe is also a fundamental source of inspiration for Laima Joubert, who unhesitatingly mixes watercolour, acrylic, paper-folding and linocuts to sketch a pattern’s base lines, which she then perfects on a computer.

And the motifs at her eponymous London studio are clearly the result of such an open mind and horizons. At times abstract, graphic and monochromatic, or just as frequently figurative, colourful and highly decorative, they draw inspiration from graphic arts, traditional South African motifs and Gustav Klimt’s Art Nouveau style.

Amélie Vitrac of Haylie Jade Design also draws her inspiration from a wide range of techniques and inspirations, gleaned from her dual training in fashion and textile design, her experience working as director of the graphic design division of a French ready-to-wear brand, and her passion for painting.

For her debut at Première Vision Designs, this French designer presents a wide choice of multi-faceted and unisex motifs, ranging from maxi-florals to gestural geometric elaborations, from pastel palettes to black and white graphics. A range of joyfully eclectic inspirations, where the only rule is that there are no rules!  


G. Disegni

Drawing inspiration from universes parallel to textile design and an explicit desire to break with visual conformity and reflexive approaches is central to the design philosophy of Giulio Masciocchi, founder of G. Disegni

Specialists in textile designs for fashion, beachwear and accessories, and also scarves which can be fully customised in every detail of their design and production, this Italian studio offers a collection of tropical plant motifs, photographic flowers, tie-dye proposals, as well as urban, geometric and animal motifs featuring stylized lines and marked chromatic contrasts. Exuberant, eclectic, nonconformist and multi-faceted motifs that are, in a word, free.

While waiting to meet them next 12 to 14 February, find here the complete list of new exhibitors at Première Vision Designs =>

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