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From multi-coloured strings to wild sequins and twisted yarn blends, the next winter season puts the focus on colour in all its blurry and fused variety. Here, a roundup of colour treatments at Passamani, Halley Stevenson, HOH and Conceria Tre Emme.



Ever since purchasing Passamani, a historic company dating to 1896, Piergiovanni Vitalini, founder of Forza Giovane Art, likes to update vintage and forgotten methods and machines. One example is his multi-coloured trimming chain, the result of a machine braiding process that twists yarns into a helix, mixing the colours of variegated stretch jersey bands in an unpredictable, floating path.

Playing on twisted yarns is also a fundamental step for the salt and pepper fabrics (480 grams) from Halley Stevensons, which uses the process to update the timeless look of the green and white bags of the Swiss army. Broken down in blue, purplish red, gray and green tones, the water-repellent fabric for the bag mixes four or five colours in blurred and vibrant tonal schemes.

At German sequin specialist HOH (Hoferhecht Stickereien), imperceptible blur turns into joyous visual dissonance, on stretch samples of all-over white sequins treated first with multi-coloured varnishes, then with a finishing that puts them in motion and makes them turn haphazardly. The result is a deconstructed colour scheme, a mosaic of wild tones with an unpredictable glow.

At the other end of the chromatic spectrum, Italian tanner Conceria Tre Emme plays with all the shades of visual rarefaction in sheepskins that are coated and then hand-scraped with an abrasive stone to export the metallic layer and bring out the coloured ground. The results of this artisanal process range from aged parchment-like effects to light suspensions with a mineral accent, like stardust or floating sea particles.

Vibrant, unpredictable, discreet, crazy colour – artistically blurred.

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