Conférence Sport &Tech : Quand la performance rencontre l’élégance

Sport has never so permeated the world of fashion as it has these past few years. Whether to create lifestyle, sport or athleisure lines, or re-purpose high-tech materials, the bridges between sport and fashion are numerous. These two universes are sharing their codes and respective playing fields for ever increased everyday benefits: integrated performance, stylish looks, bold colour and fantasy choices.

For this 2018 autumn edition, which presented an offer for autumn/winter 2019, Première Vision wanted to make SPORT the superstar of the show, with a fully fleshed-out itinerary and specialised focus conferences.

Pascal Monfort, fashion expert and founder of REC TrendsMarketing, a specialist in sports, youth and street culture, introduced us to the origins of the phenomenon, new trends and his perspective on what the coming years will bring. 




Here is the report of the second conference

For him, the fact is that « things are changing very quickly. » The sport & fashion alliance remains a true trend that the fashion world believes in.

The entire world wants to find inspiration in sport culture

During the recent Milan Fashion Week, Moncler unveiled its new « Moncler Genius«  program in partnership with young avant-garde designers. Its strategy? Video teasers … to spur curiosity and desire. Amazon has recently created Aurique, its new, accessible athleisure brand. And even more surprising is the new sportswear brand « Alpha Tauri« , created by Redbull, which is expressing a true desire to break into the fashion market.

In recent years, luxury brands have created their own sneaker collections, their own styles, their own designs and they no longer need to collaborate with sports brands. The image they’re acquiring among young people is increasingly positive. Luxury brands have figured out how to appeal to this new community. Louis Vuitton reflected this understanding by entrusting its artistic direction to Virgile Abloh, a streetwear designer. Recently James Jebbia, designer for Supreme, was named designer of the year by NY’s CFDA, even though he isn’t a fashion designer. The rules have changed, and anyone can now claim to be a « fashion maker ».

The sports world is inspiring greater numbers of young designers. Patrick McDowell, a St Martins graduate, is likely to have everyone talking about him soon. Dazed & Confused magazine has recently highlighted his work, inspired by climbing.The fashion planet is continuing to collaborate with brands from the worlds of sportswear and the outdoors. For Pascal Monfort, « What’s happening today is fantastic. Creativity isn’t dead, far from it. Together, fashion and sports can go a long way and we love that! »  The power of collaborations is incredible –  we’re seeing the most unexpected and most surprising ones: Marine Green x Oakley, Vêtement x Oakley… Nike x Off-White for the team Nigeria fielded for the 2018 World Cup (3 million jerseys pre-ordered) … Koché x PSG: even football can become fashionable and cool!

Pascal Monfort concluded the presentation with one short sentence: « Collaboration is the future!« 


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