Chantal Thomass, designer, au salon Maison d’Exceptions

(English subtitles available)

« I absolutely love what has been made in the past. Conserving it, still knowing how to make it and mix it, as it is done here, in a way that is at once ancestral and contemporary and includes all types of new technology; I find this very interesting. In addition, it is done in a creative way. There is a spirit of creation: it takes something and uses traditional techniques and, conversely, completely contemporary techniques. Everything is mixed in order to offer something highly creative. And this is interesting.

I love the workshops. I am a collector. At home, I have tons of old ribbons, old embellishments, old magazines: I don’t even know where to store it all! I love well-made things. I am infatuated by what is well done and cannot ever be reproduced. This still is made today. What I like is the frilly side of things, the flighty… and corsetry. 

I have worked with Atelier Caraco for several years. We have made lingerie, special models for runway shows and charity auctions. For example, a Tinkerbell piece for a Disney charity auction. Whenever I can work for them, I do so with great pleasure. They make magnificent things. From couture dresses to extraordinary theatrical costuming. I really love it! »

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