Céline et Alexandre Leu, Atelier Dynale, au salon Maison d'Exceptions 1/2

(English subtitles available)

« Céline: Atelier Dynale is finally known under the name Atelier Dynale and Céline-Alexandre, because we worked together to develop unique techniques for dévorage, laying gold leaf, resin work, transparency and precise dégradés that follow a cut or a pattern.

Alexandre: Today, a painter can paint with an airbrush with big guns. Or screen printing can be used to spread layers. Screen printing is the most traditional method for fabrics. It is rather well known to the public, thanks of course to Andy Warhol. But, using screen printing as a base, one can include gold leaf, one can play with registration, one can modify the materials used in printing.

We adapt to the needs of each client. We also adapt to the creative desires of the current market, of the moment, and to our own whims. This panoply of techniques, chemistry and manual tools – allow me to clarify, there is not a single machine in our workshop – allows us to produce orders for precious gowns and decorative objects. It is really the heart of our craft in the workshop. »

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