Bilan Marché février 19 : Manufacturing Overseas

Numbering approximately 40 exhibitors, the show’s Asia Pacific sourcing specialists inaugurated the new name of this Première Vision Paris space, now dubbed Manufacturing Overseas.

In terms of the offer, many clothing manufacturers from China highlighted the quality of their services for the European and North American markets, where their main order writers are located.


Manufacturing Overseas

Manufacturing Overseas4

Most of these Chinese subcontractors already work for major brands, and have high standards of quality. That’s why they were able to meet the selection requirements for Manufacturing Overseas (including an audit by Bureau Veritas). « We have our own creative team and we can accommodate special requests, work on special materials such as flocked silks or washed-out plain wovens, which is currently in very high demand, » says Grace Ip, head of Prime Wind, which is exhibiting for the first time. The desire to win new high-end customers is also why Jiaxing Qijia recently joined the show. « We want to work with premium partners. We made a lot of contacts at this edition and hope they will bring results, » observes Robin Luo, one of the manufacturer’s representatives.

While these production-quality criteria did indeed meet the requirements of Première Vision visitors, deals are often concluded or not on the basis of quantities. « We have three very high-level factories and a minimum order of 1,000 pieces. But very often we’re asked ro produce hundreds of pieces, » says Jacky Zhu, product manager of the Chinese company Trimax International, at the show for the second time. « We don’t accept orders for less than 600 pieces and our regular customers place orders ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 pieces. »

« Nonetheless the trend is towards smaller quantities, » noted Caroline Qian, sales manager for Shanghai Eutropic. At Peru’s Lives, minimum quantities begin at 800 pieces. « The majority of the requests fall below that number, because they often come from young labels that are just launching. We have to turn them down but we give them a lot of information. It can be useful for later, » says Samantha Collants, sales representative for Lives, a new exhibitor that works with European brands such as Sessun, Zadig et Voltaire and Des Petits Hauts.

At India’s Asu Clothing, the company accept orders starting at 200 pieces. « It’s not much, but we’re betting on the fact that tomorrow these same brands will order twice as much, » says Samir Ahuja, the company manager.

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