Alice Lemoine, Le Moine Tricote, au salon Maison d'Exceptions

(English subtitles available)

« My name is Alice Lemoine and I am the designer for the brand Le Moine Tricote, specialized in hand-knitting. There is a real constraint in a process that is so slow and manual, but there is also the element of the accident of the hand that enters in. When I began, I did not know how to knit. I had no technique. I could not decode knits. I had made one single sweater in my life. It was very instinctive. I could not premeditate what I would do. As far as the seasons go, according to which – it goes without saying – I organize my collections, I create a certain number of pieces, and there is always a frustration at the end: « I could have done much better. »

Finally, we will seek to improve everything that we can develop and that is imperfect. I seek nothing else aside from improving my technique. It is a counterbalance in a fashion climate where everything moves so very fast. Myself, I need to take time for my ideas to emerge. When I begin a piece and I spend two days knitting it, it has time to evolve; on the contrary if I did a drawing in ten minutes and gave it to a producer, I would not be able to return to it. Time is very important to me. »

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