5 questions à…Fabrizio Lupi

5 Questions for…

Fabrizio Lupi

Director of Fabric Development and Sourcing, Acne Studios and member of the 2019 PV Awards jury


1. Please tell us a little about your experience as a member of the Première Vision jury. Anything you fell in love with?

This was the first time I was a member of the PV Awards jury, and it was both a revelation and a very nice surprise. It opened my eyes to new suppliers and innovating collections, which I was delighted to be able to highlight and which I also found very inspiring. The increasing focus on sustainable practices is what really caught my attention. Right now there’s a very broad range of good practices available; the real challenge is bringing them to the luxury market, so that we can embrace new market opportunities and raise awareness among the widest possible audience.

2. What does AW 20-21 inspire in you?

I sense a growing interest in the honesty of fabrics, a return to our roots. This favours timeless fabrics with a natural look, joined to sustainable approaches and innovative finishes to ensure a resolutely modern spirit.

3. What sparks your inspiration?

I am naturally inquisitive. I’m inspired by both the art world and the designers of the past. I particularly like to dig into the history of fashion, giving a fresh edge to the work of great Italian designers such as Romeo Gigli, Armani and Moschino.

4. If you were a fabric or leather, what would you be?

An alpaca wool, or a beautiful cashmere coat – materials that are naturally rich but always honest.

5. What does the fashion of the future look like to you?
I think sustainability is a crucial issue for tomorrow’s fashion. I get the impression that the sportswear and fast-fashion wave is coming to an end. I feel a desire for beautiful cuts and beautiful materials, a return to clean lines.

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