Paris hotspots

Paris at your feet! Check out our selection of the city’s latest hotspots – what to do, what to see, where to eat, celebrate, and shop… and enjoy a typically Parisian experience in your after-work hours.

With all the must-see art, fashion and photo shows, the latest offerings in opera, theatre or dance, the hottest boutiques, restaurants and trendy bars to kick back and relax in… Paris is full of great places to try. Check them out.


In the footsteps of our concierge…

Let me propose you two charming and little-known places to have a drink in Paris after Première Vision, either before or after dinner. 

Le Pantruche

3, rue Victor Massé – 75009 Paris, Tel : 01 48 78 55 60

A genuine Pigalle bistro, right out of a French gangster film from the ’60s. A big counter and Gilles Grangier-style furniture. Dinner menu: 36 €.
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Autour d’un verre

21, rue de Trévise – 75009 Paris, Tel : 01 48 24 43 74

A former hair salon redesigned as a restaurant. Decor includes vintage school chairs and a big mirror on the wall. Open kitchen. One of the best “oeufs mayonnaise” in Paris. Robust organic wines. Around 40 € per person.
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La Crèmerie

9, rue des quatre vents – 75006 Paris, Tel : 01 43 54 99 30

Time has come to a stop in this small, almost private eatery in the 6th arrondissement. The extraordinary, barely smoked organic salmon alone is worth the trip. High-quality yet simple fare. 
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Le bon Saint Pourcain

10, rue Servandoni – 75006 Paris, Tel : 01 42 01 78 24

Hidden behind the Place Saint Sulpice, on an almost pedestrian street, with a nicely tidy dining room, red benches, white tablecloths, and a mosaic floor. The Chef has worked at major Paris dining establishments, and proposes carefully prepared bistro cuisine.
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Le Sybaris

86, rue des archives – 75003 Paris, Tel : 06 47 87 96 98

A former chef at Ducasse offers up a colourful cuisine in a pared-down decor, with brushed cement walls. A narrowly curated but very well executed menu.
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Le Servan

32, rue Saint Maur – 75011 Paris, Tel : 01 55 28 51 82

Two sisters run this bistro, mostly for travellers. Their specialties are soft-boiled eggs and roasted chicken served with real, crunchy green peas. Very nice wine cellar and easy on the wallet price: 25 € dinner menu.
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8, rue Meissonier – 75017 Paris, Tel : 01 56 79 81 88

The surprise of the new year. A young 32-year-old chef, formerly at the Plaza Athénée (Alain Ducasse), serves up inspired cooking, but knows how to keep it simple in uproariously sound creations. An upscale bistro without any false notes. Price: 50-70 € per person.
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Our favourite: Ellsworth

34, rue de Richelieu – 75001 Paris, Tel : 01 42 60 59 66

A sit-down restaurant in Paris with a “Seattle street food” feel. A long corridor bursting with ambiance, a cuisine bathed in light freshness and a dash of cleverness. The rice pudding alone is worth the trip. You won’t feel stuffed even at the end of a full meal.
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